The Iron Lady: A Mask of Margaret Thatcher

That’s The Iron Lady — an odd representation of the former British Prime Minister.

The film arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, as David Swindle noted here at PJ Lifestyle.

Some thoughts for those considering purchasing the film:

1. The movie mostly focuses on Thatcher at the end of her life. It shows her suffering through dementia — which is fine, but this woman was, of course, one of the most influential Prime Ministers in modern history.

Look at this:

That’s awesome.

2. The film, which focused on the relationship between Thatcher and her husband, made Mr. Thatcher look like a buffoon. At one point he accused her of blowing off family for the sake of her political ambition. It led to a shocking exchange, which ended with Denis declaring that his wife had been “alone” her entire life.

Here the filmmakers and actors showed their bias.

3. The entire movie saw Thatcher through the bifocal lenses of gender and class. Seemingly every shot depicted a bunch of men sneering down at Thatcher. One shock that I couldn’t ignore: the film made no mention of the Queen. Even though Thatcher’s ascension to the premiership was unique and inspiring — which, of course, created skeptics — the film forgot that the United Kingdom had known a female monarch since 1952. So the film implied that the British didn’t care — or didn’t want — women in politics.

Really: how can you forget her?

4. So, the movie misses the mark — big time.

But, this shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. See the movie if you like Meryl Streep. Because she’s awesome — as always. Or, check it out if you like seeing older people bopping around a house.

But don’t see it if you admire Margaret Thatcher. As usual, Hollywood missed the mark in portraying a truly remarkable figure.

And don’t just take my advice, listen to Thatcher’s children. Or, you can take a look at this National Review piece.

Still, let’s hope that, someday, a filmmaker captures her badassery.