Celeb Version of 'Imagine' Gets Well-Deserved Comeuppance: 'Imagine There's No Acting...'

Celeb Version of 'Imagine' Gets Well-Deserved Comeuppance: 'Imagine There's No Acting...'
Gal Gadot sings John Lennon's Imagine (Twitter screenshot)

Last week, a dopey version of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” sung by celebrities in coronavirus quarantine, made the rounds on social media. If you haven’t seen it, it was as awful as you can … well … imagine. Several less cringey celebs responded, giving the effort several raspberries.

Bryan Preston wrote about it on Thursday for PJ Media. Somehow the song was intended to inspire social media followers who have been impacted by the pandemic. The lyrics of the song, however, literally tell us not to have hope and only live for today.

A couple of celebrities have crafted more level-headed responses to the misguided project.

The best may have come from actor Nick Searcy:


The first two stanzas:

Imagine there’s no acting

It’s easy if you try

No tv shows or movies

The streaming going dry

Imagine all the people

Reading lots of books. Woo hoo!

Imagine there’s no audience

It isn’t hard to do

You told half of them you ate them

What the hell do you think they’re gonna do?

Imagine all the people

Turning off your show! Yoo hoo!

You may say I’m a Trumper

But I’m not the only one

Hope some day you’ll join us

And go out and buy a gun!

A couple other less moon-beamy celebs also responded:

And, of course, James Woods had to chime in:

Next time, look in a mirror first. I know you have a bunch of them in your mansions.

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