This is Your Brain on Passwords

Don’t blow your mind! In the future a record of brain biometrics could replace conventional passwords. This may be a little short of extreme mind-control (featured in Sci-Fi movies like the classic 1981 thriller Scanners), but a recent study from researchers at Binghamton University predicted “brain prints” could be  used instead of fingerprints, retina scans or facial recognition as a unique identifier for security purposes including online passwords.

While the technology has promise,  according to one of the researchers, don’t expect to be using your brain to open up your Android anytime soon. “We tend to see the applications of this system as being more along the lines of high-security physical locations, like the Pentagon or Air Force Labs, where there aren’t that many users that are authorized to enter,” concluded one of the research team.

Apparently, mind-melding with a laptop or the monstrous Krell mind-machine is still a ways off.