Valor: A Cure for Bergdahl Walking Disease


If the stories of President Obama swapping five Taliban detainees for the possible deserter/traitor Bowe Bergdahl still have you nauseous, here is a book that tells the story of American servicemembers who didn’t leave their post. Valor: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Home Front (Taylor, 2014) introduces America to the people who represent the best of the military.


From the jacket:

Criminal and ethics investigative attorney Greenblatt provides nine compelling tales of the bravery of U.S. military personnel facing extreme duress and mortal danger. The author uses insightful interviews with each subject to supply details of the background and motivation that enabled these marines, sailors, and soldiers to prevail in grave life-and-death situations. Voices range from a hard-hitting marine who volunteered to piggyback an injured ‘brother’ through an Iraqi insurgent shoot-out to an inexperienced army specialist in Afghanistan whose determination and quick thinking prevented an ambush on his base—even after he sustained a devastating injury. Many of these stories have received relatively little publicity. The author explains that it was his desire to demonstrate that the men and women of today’s armed forces possess courage and selfless character comparable to military heroes of the past.

Valor doesn’t contain any stories of servicemembers reaching out to the Taliban, walking off posts or playing badminton with the enemy. The Amazon link is here.

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