Is the Internet Making You Crazy?

Apparently technology is exacerbating the traits of those with various “mental disorders” according to a new book by Larry Rosen, PhD entitled iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming Its Hold on Us. I thumbed through the book to find that many of the chapters have a quiz where you can find out what type of psychological disorder you have, learn how technology is making you worse and then do something about it. Wow! Who knew those of us who use technology were that messed up. In a quiz on Narcissistic Personality, I learned that if you think you will be a success, would prefer to be a leader, rarely depend on other people to get things done, and take responsibility for making decisions, you will accumulate points towards being a narcissist. Apparently, scoring high on authority and being self-sufficient are now interpreted as being “disordered.”

I think what is making me crazy is the notion that traits of individualism, high self-sufficiency and leadership are now being interpreted as “crazy.” Is this just soft socialist propaganda disguised as research? Is the flip side that if you share with others, look to others for guidance and conform to what others want, you are deemed “well.” I don’t think so. The author is very clear that he does not think people should give up technology but should learn to moderate their time and use of it. Agreed. But using tools that tell people they are disordered when their traits are perfectly fine is in my opinion, disordered itself.