Do You ever Wonder What your Dreams Mean?

Many times as a psychologist people ask me what their dreams mean. It’s sort of hard to come up with an answer if you don’t know much about the person’s life. And the last dream books I read were mostly old ones like those of Carl Jung such as Man and His Symbols. So,I was grateful when a publicist from Adams Media asked if I wanted a review copy of a new book Into Your Dreams: Decipher your unique dream symbology to transform your waking life. The book is a fun way to learn more about yourself during your sleeping hours.

Unlike many dream books, this one goes beyond the “one size fits all” interpretation to give the reader ideas about what his or her particular dream means. Basically, the reader learns how to decipher their unique dream symbology and apply it to their waking life. The first part of the book gives a brief summary of the history and nature of dreams. The second part gives a listing of various symbols and some guidelines for possible meanings. The book is supposed to be more of a guide than a “dream dictionary.”

Overall, it looks like a good book if you find your dreams interesting, troubling or recurrent and want to understand them.

What dreams have readers had that you find the most interesting or puzzling?