The 5 Most Inappropriate Halloween Displays of 2017

Every town has one or two families that go slightly overboard with their Halloween decorations each year. Some households disturb people with too much blood and gore in their displays. Others insist on creating obtusely politically incorrect yard exhibits. Still others annoy their neighbors with ghoulish political statements.


Here are the five most inappropriate Halloween displays that are triggering folks in 2017:

5. Hanging Man Displays

Come on now.

Every year there are individuals around the country who think it’s a good idea to put a noose around the neck of a stuffed figure and hang it from a tree — and every year, the NAACP has a conniption fit and comes down hard on those individuals.

This year we have “hanging man” displays triggering folks in New Jersey, California, Houston, Massachusetts, New York, and Utah, to name a few.

In Salem County NJ, NAACP President Nelson Carney Jr. said that his organization received calls from residents who were offended by the sight of a “stuffed figure with a burlap sack on its head and a noose tied around its neck, seen hanging from a porch.”

“We got calls yesterday and I went down to take a look at it,” Carney Jr. said. “I called the prosecutor and sent him a picture. Maybe they do not mean any harm but in this day and age, it has to come down. A lot of people have taken offense to it.”

In the vast majority of these cases, the homeowners just thought they were creating a macabre scene — not a racist one — but unfortunately, images of men swinging from trees remind a lot of people of lynchings. So maybe this is not the best idea — unless you don’t mind being accused of being the racist house on the block.


4. Realistic Accident Scenes:

Neighbors of one New Jersey couple think their Halloween display is so offensive, it ought to be a crime.

The grisly holiday scene shows a bloodied Toyota Supra pinning a body against a tree, a grisly faux-crime scene surrounded by police tape.

Disturbed neighbors were not amused, so they called the cops.

A deputy was called to investigate a bloody scene in Tennessee that turned out to be a Halloween decoration.

Look, folks, if your Halloween display is causing people to dial 911 — you’ve gone too far.

3. Dead Babies

For crying out loud …

The display featured nude and disfigured dolls bound and hanging from a tree with tape over their eyes and in various other places.

It was just one of the many displays in a yard full of ghoulish decorations, including gravestones and skulls.


Gross. Simulating violence against children is never, ever a good idea. What were these sickos thinking?

2. Anti-Trump Halloween Displays


They deserve an F for originality and an F-minus for bravery. Anti-Trumpers know they’re perfectly safe mocking the president — all the cool kids are — and the kind of freaks who react violently to this sort of thing are on their side.

A Halloween display involving a Donald Trump tombstone and a fake corpse has created a grave situation in a Cortlandt neighborhood.

A Cross Lane home has drawn attention for decorations on the front lawn that denigrate the president, whose name is on a tombstone with “Burn in Hell” written underneath his name.

The tombstone, one of five in the yard, is set up in front of a fake crime scene, with yellow caution tape and a fake corpse that is made up of a rolled garbage bag. The debate over the display’s tastefulness has turned personal for two residents in the neighborhood.

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and one Connecticut homeowner has chosen to turn the display in his front yard into a political message knocking President Trump.

Matt Warshauer, a history professor at Central Connecticut State University, told FOX 61 his lavish displays went from traditional to political around the start of the Iraq War.

“As a historian one of my goals is always to educate people and try and at least begin conversations,” Warshauer said.

This year’s display, named “The Trumpian Ship of State,” features a giant pirate ship named “Constitution,” commanded by a smoke breathing Trump.


Warshauer wants to start a conversation? Okay, how’s this: How much is Central Connecticut State University paying you so that you can afford such elaborate Halloween decorations? Dude.

1. Scary Peeper:


That’s right. These Halloween Harassers have our friends in the Great White North so triggered that the country has banned them from stores.

Terrifying ‘peeping Tom’ style masks have been banned from stores in Canada after a flurry of complaints but are still available on Amazon in the UK.

A quick search on the site reveals numerous variations of the creepy Halloween product, most which have a hooded face with a leery expression and hands cupped around the eyes.

Here’s one in action:

My God — the thing is reminiscent of Anthony Weiner — or Harvey Weinstein 100 pounds ago. Do we really want to make light of sexual harassment in 2017? I think not!


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