Graduating with a Ph.D in New-Media Troublemaking

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I always assumed it would take more like five or ten years to equal a “Ph.D” in my field.

But a few months shy of four years and the time is right to follow Roger L. Simon with a warm “Sayonara, but not goodbye.”


I changed. I came to the company then known as.Pajamas.Media.after two years of hardball political activism editing NewsReal Blog and FrontPageMag, a time when I earned my MPW — “Master’s in Political Warfare” — working for two of the 20th century’s most brilliant theorists and practitioners.

Starting at PJM in the summer of 2011, I sought a rebalancing – politics 50%, culture 50%. And the writers I’ve encountered over these years left a deep impact. They inspired me to rediscover my faith and return to publically identifying as a Christian. I now hope to support them in a more flexible, entrepreneurial career with the goal of developing numerous cultural, family-friendly, entertainment, and Bible-based new-media projects. My 12-year investigation of political ideology concludes for now, and I return to a life focused on God, explored through creative writing. Over the next five weeks I’ll finalize additional projects and announce on Twitter and Instagram.

There are three collaborations I’m prepared to introduce. First, Adam Bellow and David Bernstein’s Liberty Island will be the home base for my creative-writing pursuits, and I will serve as their West Coast editor. Second, my primary creative partner this year will be my brother Jeremy. The greatest gift PJM gave me was the opportunity to discover how we could succeed as a team. The Disney brothers are the model — thanks, Chris Queen. I will also spend more time supporting my wife April as she grows her counterculture feminist pop art career.

Finally, PJM wanted me to emphasize that all writers are encouraged to work with me on these projects that I’m developing. The lines of communication will remain open so we can share writers.

Thank you everyone for making these PJM years a dream come true.

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Editor’s Note: We at PJ Media wish David Swindle all the best as he moves on to pursue several new media projects. David spent nearly four productive years at the helm of PJ Lifestyle, helping make it a very popular section of the site. We know our readers appreciate the quality content on such subjects as faith, parenting, and pop culture that they’ve come to expect on PJ Lifestyle. We sincerely thank David for his dedication to PJ Media over the years and are confident that the same work ethic that was evident to his PJM colleagues will serve him well in the next stage of his career.