The 6 Ghost-Lists of Christmas Past

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Christmas today! This year I decided to re-publish some of the best PJ Lifestyle Christmas lists from previous years as the Ghost-Lists of Christmas’ Past. Here are links to them as well as the lists from this year. And be sure not to miss Walter Hudson’s wonderful new reflection “Christmas: He Laid Down His Right” from today.


Chris Queen: The 10 Most Essential Christmas Specials and Holiday Movies

Megan Fox: 7 Last-Minute, DIY Christmas Presents


J. Christian Adams: 8 Books That Make Great Christmas Gifts for Children

Paul Cooper: 5 Christmas Movies That Will Make You To Want to Be A Dad


Stephen Green: The 5 Best Christmas Movies For Terrible People

Rhonda Robinson: 3 Family Christmas Books Both Kids and Parents Will Enjoy

And catch up on the new Holiday lists from this year:

Susan L.M. Goldberg: 12 Steps for a Perfect Pop Culture Christmas

Chris Queen: 10 Great Southern Destinations for the Christmas Season

Susan L.M. Goldberg: 5 Ways to Avoid Christma-fying Your Hanukkah

Chris Queen: 34 Holiday Gifts for the Southern Culture Lover on Your List

Spencer Klavan: The 5 Merriest Christmas Traditions from Ancient Greece

Chris Queen: 10 Reasons Why a Disney Christmas Is the Best Kind of Holiday

Allston: 12 Wonderful Christmas Songs