Welcome to Single Mom Nation: In 2014 Acknowledge the Matriarchs Who Really Run America


Last year I had a shift in my ideological interpretation of the political and cultural worlds. A theory for your consideration:

Michelle Obama in April of 2013 as Reported by the Daily Mail:

The First Lady was talking about healthy foods as part of her ongoing Let’s Move! initiative and made the slip when she was discussing how the demands of raising a family can leave little time for nutritious cooking.

‘Believe me, as a busy single mother,’ Obama said, before quickly correcting herself, ‘Or I shouldn’t say single – as a busy mother.’

Her remarks came the same day that the President was criticized for remarking that California’s Kamala Harris is the ‘best looking attorney general’ in the country.

Barack Obama in December of 2013, taking a “selfie” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial with the Prime Minister of Denmark, much to the annoyance of his wife:

The President’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett in 2009 describing their relationship to The New York Times:

“We have kind of a mind meld,” Jarrett told me about Obama. “And chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”

Valerie Jarrett speaking to a lay Episcopal gathering on September 21 2011:

We have to give people a livelihood so that they can provide for their families. And its a vision, I think his is a moral vision, it’s a vision based very deeply in values. And taking care of the least of these, and making sure that we are creating a country that is a country for everybody not just for the very very wealthy. We are working hard to lift people up out of poverty and give them a better life, and a footing, and that’s what government is suppose to do.

Eleanor Clift wrote about Jarrett’s history as a single mother and her relationship with Michelle Obama in 2010:

After First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made work-and-family balance one of her priorities both personally and professionally, Jarrett is a favorite ambassador to the many women’s groups that dot the nation’s capital, and indeed the country. Settling into a comfortable chair on a riser at a reception sponsored by the International Women’s Forum, Jarrett revealed that as a single mother, she felt like “I was holding on by my finger tips,” even though she had an enviable support system with her parents living just blocks away in Chicago. Her father took her daughter to school every day from kindergarten through high school, an admission that drew nods of amazement from the crowd of women.

In 1991, when her daughter was 5, Jarrett was pulling long hours working for Mayor Richard Daley. She hired a young lawyer named Michelle Robinson who had just become engaged to Barack Obama. A friendship was born along with a political partnership as Jarrett, a few years older and very savvy in the ways of Chicago, ushered the couple into the city’s power structure. Jarrett and Obama had a lot in common, each having spent part of their formative years living abroad. Jarrett was born in Iran, where her father was a doctor. She attended an elite boarding school in New England before getting a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford and a law degree from University of Michigan. Whip smart and seemingly fearless, she has been called Obama’s “north star,” keeping his political trajectory on course and staying close to the family in the White House.

Her daughter is 24 now and well on her way, but Jarrett hasn’t forgotten those days, and how hard it can be to raise children even when you have a family to back you up.

Andrew Stiles at National Review in November of 2013, in perhaps the best portrait of Jarrett yet written at article length:

Jarrett’s critics have no dearth of examples. She has been variously described by her critics within the Obama administration as the “Night Stalker,” on account of her general ruthlessness, as well as her tendency to follow the president into the White House residence after hours; “She Who Must Not Be Challenged”; and Obama’s “Rasputin.” Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who clashed often with Jarrett, likened her and senior aide Peter Rouse to Saddam Hussein’s maniacal sons, Uday and Qusay.

Over the past several years, a clearer picture of Jarrett’s role has emerged thanks to the plethora of books and articles published about the inner workings of the Obama White House. She is equal parts fangirl and enforcer, inspiring fear and envy in her (many) detractors, a true believer who was in on the ground floor of the Obama Cult and will be the last to leave.

Jarrett’s personal friendship with the president and first lady dates back more than two decades, before the couple was married, and before Barack Obama launched his political career in Chicago. The president has said he views her “like a sibling” and trusts her “completely.” As result, she enjoys “unlimited, almost mystical access” to the president, write Politico’s Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei, and is known as “The Keeper of the Essence,” the “defender, protector, and avenger” of all things Obama.

I spent much of the past few years reading books and editing articles that sought to explain who Barack Obama really was and what he believed and thus what he was trying to do with this country we love. I read the books he read when he was in his 20s, studied the mentors who taught him, and tried to make some sense of his life experience. But for what? I was wasting my time. We all were.


The realization that I came to in 2013 – one that others on the Right seem to be coming to as well – is that actually the person making most of the domestic policy, campaign strategy, and — most horrifying of all – foreign policy decisions is his “senior adviser” Valerie Jarrett. Now we know that actually Jarrett was the one with the political savvy who was grooming Obama all along so that she could use him to implement her agenda. Obama is just her mask.

I don’t think President Jarrett really cares to the degree that Obamacare succeeds or fails. If it’s helping any poor people, if it’s doing any amount of redistributing of wealth at all, then it’s a success in the Alinsky playbook. Anything she can do to stick it to the rich racists who don’t deserve to be wealthy the better. And years from now when Obamacare is really collapsing in flames and the Democrats are the ones leading the call for its repeal it won’t be her name on it. She’ll have moved on to the next million dollar Alinskyite, Soros Corporatist-Marxist hustle to rob from the rich, give to her preferred poor, and pocket some for herself.

So I think the surprise for 2014 – I’m an optimist – will be that this realization of Queen Valerie Jarrett, Single-Mom-in-Chief, becomes more widespread. And there’ll be a reevaluation of the first lady too as more of her right hand confidante collaborator, a surrogate daughter, whose role is to try and keep the front man Barry on message and not embarrassing himself too much with the selfies and lusting after the white women who remind him of the absentee mom who abandoned him for a career in the jungles of the third world.

My prediction: when the history books are written the real decision-maker will start to emerge more fully as Jarrett. As people try and make sense of an administration adrift they’ll start to realize that this is a federal government essentially being run by two single moms pulling the strings of the performer son of a single mom with a basic goal of just trying to make America a less “mean” place for other single moms. It’s a matriarchal administration running on emotion and instinct, like a mother crocodile snapping to protect her eggs. This is what happens when a culture that rejects the importance of the Judeo-Christian, nuclear family model takes control of the Democratic Party and the federal government.

The positive side of all this is that now that we know where the real power lies in the Obama administration, activists operating in the New Media, legal, cultural, and partisan political realms can target their investigative efforts accordingly. Obama himself may be a “lame duck” and his agenda may be “collapsing” as health care sign-ups fail to meet their pie-in-the-sky goals, but President Jarrett is still operating in the shadows, implementing the sort of redistributionist domestic agenda Stanley Kurtz explained in 2012’s Spreading the Wealth and appeasement to international criminal antisemitic states in the foreign policy realm.

President Jarrett has been so successful because she has implemented the most effective of Saul Alinsky’s Chicago gangster community organizing tactics at the national level. (And centrist-corporatist Clinton narcissist Democrats in the primaries and neoconservative-corporatist boomer Republicans in the general elections didn’t even realize what hit them.)

Conservatives should strive to defeat Jarrett the same way that the feds eventually managed to get her ideological predecessor, Al Capone: not for the big crimes but for the small ones like tax evasion. Activists should aspire to discover conclusive, bulletproof evidence of acts she has engaged in which would force her to fall from power, no longer able to implement her across-the-board policies of American weakness.