The Freedom Academy's November Military History Challenge

The Freedom Academy Book Club is all about rediscovering freedom and liberty one book at a time. The goal is to provide a number of tools to help you find that next great book– recommendations from our literary panel, member reviews and rankings, author interviews, and now we introduce another new feature. We’re going to begin a month-long, extended focus on a new book. History buffs, it’s time to get ready for the Military History Challenge.

The Freedom Academy’s Director Victor Davis Hanson has created a quiz to challenge your knowledge on one of his favorite topics with questions drawn from his new book The Savior Generals. Victor has prepared four sets of quiz questions–a new one for each week–along with discussion questions. There are two ways to engage in this challenge:

1. Each week answer the multiple choice questions and participate in the discussions. See the scoreboard with the ongoing rankings here:



2. A second dimension to this challenge is that you have the opportunity to assemble a team. Use the “Knowledge Share” button at the bottom of every quiz to encourage others to register and participate. The more people register through you the better your “referral results.”

Warning: You will notice that this first week of questions is not too difficult. The following weeks will be much more challenging. For those who count points — which you don’t have to — we allocate 10 points for each question in week one, 20 for week two, 30 for week three, and 50 for week four.

However, week four has seven questions, for a total of 350 points, which can swing the results. That’s because in this final week more than just your knowledge of military history will be tested. To conclude the month you will be challenged to be an intelligence analyst delving into the enemy’s mind to better understand their motivations.

So now it’s time to get ready for battle