Valentine's Day at Gawker: Here are People You Should Hate

Oh this is indeed perfect for Valentine’s Day at Gawker: Danny Gold pours in the vinegar with “Seven Careers Full of People You Should Hate.”

I enjoyed the last item on the list for obvious reasons:


1. Bloggers: How is there an entire burgeoning billion dollar industry of twenty-somethings who write crap on the Internet? I don’t understand it. A bunch of kids with no life experience write their views on the news of the day and world affairs and entertainment like it matters and you people eat it up? I have lifelong friends I have to ply with booze to get them to listen to me talk about anything for more than five minutes, and here you guys are, willfully clicking away. I can’t even look in the mirror. I was going to be a foreign correspondent! I’m getting a drink.

We 20-something, no life experience bloggers have prepackaged responses for these sentiments:

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