Yeah, There's Going to be a Toy Story 4

Given Tom Hanks recent slip up and now Pixar chief John Lasseter’s inability to deny the rumor, it’s pretty safe to say that Pixar is cooking up a fourth Toy Story movie.


With news of these plans my response is caution. On the one hand, the Toy Story series has a great track record. Unlike most series each installment has only gotten progressively better. Thus it seems safe to assume that with a fourth installment they would only continue the level of quality. It could be another fantastic film.

On the other hand, how frequently in film history do we actually get a fourth film in a series that keeps the magic alive? Is it really worth risking the potential downgrade of the earlier films by poisoning them with a poor sequel? I don’t know about you but ever since the second and third Matrix movies came out I’ve had much less enthusiasm for the first.

Ultimately the conservative in me leans more toward the latter response. Pixar should be moving forward and developing new franchises, not continuing to go back to their earlier hits. Next year’s film, Brave, looks promising:

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