Sarah Silverman Slams Divisive Trump (But Calls Him Hitler... Again)

(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Sarah Silverman wants a kinder, gentler America. She just has a funny way of showing it.

And not the “ha ha” kind.

The progressive comedian first caught the zeitgeist with her naughty jokes. Now, she wants to be taken more seriously. Her Hulu talk show, “I Love You, America,” includes conversations with those outside her far-left worldview. That’s certainly a start, and more than most late-night talkers attempt.

It’s her way of bridging the divide in our culture. Only her idea of follow-through is to savage Red State USA, including its titular head.

Silverman appeared on “The Late Show” this week to promote her show and — what else? — smear President Trump.

Colbert asked her, in true far-left fashion, if “America deserves love exactly the way it is?”

Silverman swatted that interview softball out of Colbert’s studio:

Um, well, yes and no. I think, individually, I go and I meet people who are very different minded than myself, and even if we don’t change each other’s minds, which we tend not to, I always leave there loving them, and I think them me. If you can just bond on any level and see ourselves in each other, then that’s the only way that we — the administration now, what behooves them is division. That’s what they want. They want division and fear and all these things, and, so, we have to defy that in a bipartisan way. I’m talking out of my a** 100 percent, but —

Yet Silverman hasn’t said a syllable about the Left’s identity politics madness, which routinely divides her fellow Americans. Nor has she complained as the media, liberal pundits, and fellow stars slammed their ideological foes as racists, white nationalists, and more.

What’s worse? Her own rhetoric.

Silverman started the “Trump is Hitler” bandwagon during the 2016 presidential primaries. She “went there” again on her latest Hulu episode. Her Twitter feed is a toxic combination of bawdy bits and rage-filled attacks on those outside her liberal bubble.

Why, it’s almost like she’s a nonstop division machine who ignores her own life lessons.

In recent weeks she’s tormented Associated Justice Brett Kavanaugh for the allegations against him, ignoring all the evidence backing up his denials.

Oh, and while her Hulu show professes her “love” for her country, she once said people who chant, “USA, USA …” are “scary” to her. She also called the country “dog sh**” as recently as a week ago.

Love means nothing to tennis players and far-left comics, apparently.