Rose McGowan Torches Hollywood's 'Women Misogynists'

Rose McGowan is just getting started.

The “Charmed” actress ignited the fire that burned mogul Harvey Weinstein so badly he’ll never work in Hollywood again. It was personal for McGowan, who claims Weinstein raped her at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.

She is one of dozens of starlets claiming Weinstein attacked them. McGowan cried out the loudest. The actress spoke on the record to The New York Times, the expose that ended Weinstein’s decades-long reign in the film business. And she’s still speaking out on the issue.

Her current E! docu-series “Citizen Rose” lets the actress share the emotional weight of her current battle. She’s also hitting the promotional circuit on behalf of her new memoir, “Brave.” Weinstein is not the sole focus of the book. It’s an attack on a Hollywood system that sustains figures like Weinstein.

She even took direct aim at industry legend Meryl Streep, claiming the three-time Oscar winner knew something about Weinstein’s reign of terror … but said nothing. McGowan later softened her stance on “The Post” star.

McGowan’s fires still burned during a visit to “The View” this week. She talked about her new book and her fight against industry sexism.

McGowan recalls how her manager, who went on to work for Weinstein, didn’t help. Nor did the “Hollywood wives” rally to her side. One woman gave McGowan a hard time about what she faced.

“No one’s gonna believe you. You’re an actress who did a sex scene. You’re done,” she recalls. Next, she vented against the industry women who didn’t take her side.

“There are a lot of women misogynists; it’s not just men,” she told the “View” hosts.

Her interview with ABC News revealed why she’s not just furious with Weinstein. She’s aghast at how so many people enabled him … for so long.

“This is an international rapist, okay? This is the truth of what it is. This is an international rape factory. Every single place he ever stayed, there were people there set up to help him rape,” McGowan said. “This is how it went. This is what it was. People, women, girls would be said, ‘Oh, you have a meeting,’ or, ‘Come to a party.’”

“They would show up, and that party is just him. Who got them there? Who were the assistants?” continued McGowan.

Is it any wonder she wasn’t invited to be part of the #MeToo battle cry at the recent Golden Globes? It’s equally unlikely she’ll get a slot at the March 4 Academy Awards telecast.

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