Colbert Piles on Judge Moore ... But What About the Clintons?

Remember how many times Stephen Colbert slammed both potential First Husband Bill Clinton and Madame President-elect Hillary Clinton for her beau’s serial indiscretions?

Me neither.

“The Late Show” host has been too busy excoriating Donald Trump over any and every possible miscue for the past year. That apparently left him with little time to scorch the Clintons for their high-wire act regarding sexual misconduct.

Regarding the former president, it meant pushing aside the Paula Joneses, Juanita Broaddricks and Kathleen Willeys, all women who say Clinton abused them sexually. As for the former secretary of state, Colbert preferred not to zero in on how she often trashed women to protect her husband’s political career.

Now, though, Colbert can’t stop attacking senatorial hopeful Roy Moore. The judge is in the news for a series of sexual abuse allegations ranging from dating women way too young for him to sexually groping others. The most heinous charge? That he sexually touched a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.

It’s a huge news story, and late-night comics like Colbert have an unofficial duty to address it. Here’s a sample of what Colbert said this week about the matter.

Naturally, he used the incident to paint the GOP with a broad, unflattering brush.

“Many Republican lawmakers have denounced Moore, but some of them are standing by their man. Like the Alabama congressman and man who could not be identified in a lineup of one, Mo Brooks. Brooks was asked by a reporter yesterday if he believed Roy Moore’s accusers, and Brooks looked that reporter right in the eye and then ran away,” Colbert said.

“Running away from your problems in a downward spiral? I think we’ve got a new Republican metaphor,” he cracked.

Colbert isn’t alone with his selective attacks … and memory. While the 24/7 news cycle is crushing Moore, other reporters are regretting how they previously covered Team Clinton. News outlets like The Atlantic recently confessed they shouldn’t have let President Bill Clinton off the hook for his past antics.

The timing is more than suspicious, since Team Clinton’s power is at its lowest point in decades.

Does that mean Colbert will turn on the Clintons next? Might he start savaging them via his nightly monologues? It’s possible, but only in between a half dozen Trump gags. Truth to power… right?