'Anchorman' Star Predicts Trump Out of Office by February

David Koechner is a comic chameleon, but his political views are oh, so familiar.

The former “Saturday Night Live” player is known for tackling dozens of funny roles on screens big and small. Think “Anchorman,” “Road Hard” and “The Office.”

This week, those tenacious TMZ folks caught up with Koechner and pelted him with political questions. Because he’s a comic actor, naturally, and his geopolitical musings are critical to the culture.

But Koechner didn’t disappoint. In fact, he spouted the kind of anti-Trump talking points you’ve already heard from dozens of celebrities. He capped it with the kind of prediction stars started making Nov. 8, 2016.

Spoiler alert: They’ve been wrong so far.

The unseen reporter asks Koechner if he thinks President Trump is like Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell character from “Anchorman” and its 2013 sequel. Ron may read the news, but he’s hardly a trustworthy figure.

That’s all Koechner needed.

“Well, Ron Burgundy, he’s is a fake person and Donald Trump is a fake president.”

Selected, not elected. It’s like 2000 all over again. But that’s the same song stars have been singing since the media pounced on the Russia narrative late last year.

He then called Trump’s cabinet members “idiots” and “evil.” Once again, par for the course from today’s Hollywood stars. It’s never just about Trump, a figure teeming with flaws. It also envelops anyone on his team, no matter their race, creed or content of character.

Then the actor gets into the prediction business.

“I’d been hoping he’d be gone by the end of the year,” he says of the president. “Now, I’m thinking it might be February.”

Why? Collusion. International money laundering. Pending sexual harassment cases, according to Koechner.

The latter didn’t stop President Bill Clinton, nor did it give celebrities pause from supporting the woman who attacked those accusing her husband of similar transgressions.

What’s amazing about the exchange is the lack of self-awareness. We’re nearly a year into President Trump’s first year in office. Yet the unofficial Hollywood line remains the same. He colluded with Russia to win the presidential election. His days in office are numbered.

And, while Trump has lived down to plenty when it comes to his combustible personality, we haven’t seen the smoking gun revealed about any collusion. Not even close. Instead, we’ve watched as a few diligent reporters revealed harder evidence that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, has some explaining to do re: Russia.

Then again, Koechner is a comic cut-up first and foremost, and a political scholar second.