5 Reasons a Senate Run by Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't End Well

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career may not be over yet.

The 69-year-old star segued seamlessly from A-lister to “The Governator” in 2003. He left Cal-ee-forn-ya’s political machine in 2011 and went back to his previous gig.

Movie star.

Now, he’s suggesting he’s got another political run in mind — Sen. Schwarzenegger. Will he succeed? It’s wise never to bet against him. Who would have predicted 40 years ago that a bodybuilder with a thick Austrian accent and little acting chops would become Hollywood’s biggest movie star?

It’s still more likely his second political run won’t end well come Election Day. Here are five reasons why.

1. He Can’t Draw a Crowd

Schwarzenegger once ruled Hollywood. His recent film resume suggests audiences have moved on. “Sabotage” ($10 million). “Maggie” ($187K). “Escape Plan” ($25 million). “The Last Stand” ($12 million).

Now, with the ratings for his version of NBC’s “The Apprentice” struggling, he’s left the long-running show despite tons of publicity due to being Donald Trump’s reality-show heir.

Pop-culture consumers clearly aren’t interested in seeing him on screens big or small.

2. He Doesn’t Have a Party to Call His Own

There’s a good reason Schwarzenegger might run as an independent in 2018 should he give the Senate a shot. He’s not exactly welcome in GOP circles anymore. He never was a rock-ribbed Republican, and in recent years he’s been aggressive in promoting climate change (despite his energy-gulping lifestyle).

That, plus a lackluster resume, means selling him to GOP loyalists won’t be easy.

3. A Closet Full of Skeletons

Most politicians have a skeleton or two in their closets. It’s just human nature. But in 2017 Schwarzenegger’s skeletons rattle a bit louder. Remember the affair he had with his housekeeper that resulted in the birth of their son? Or the loud whispers of his sexually aggressive flirtations?

He survived those accusations in the past. Today, we’re far less forgiving of men who use their power and influence over women. And that’s a welcome change.

Either or both chapters of his past could come back to haunt him should he reboot his political career.

4. Petty Is as Petty Does

President Donald Trump can get away with his petty Twitter fights. It’s part of who he is, and people love him for it. Those same people might look at someone else doing the same and cry foul. Or, simply, think less of him or her.

That appears to be happening with Schwarzenegger. He’s been trying to fight tweet with tweet with Trump, but it’s not working. It’s similar to how Sen. Marco Rubio tried to battle, Trump-style, late in the 2016 primary cycle. It might have seemed like a smart strategy, but it failed.

5. His Fame Window Is Closing

Celebrities have a shelf life. It’s cruel but true. For every Clint Eastwood or Meryl Streep there are countless stars who break it big … and then fade away.

It’s a brutal business with new stars emerging all the time.

You see former stars on infomercials or the occasional “Where Are They Now?” specials. Just because Schwarzenegger once ruled Hollywood doesn’t mean he’ll cling to that fame forever.

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