Trevor Noah Fears Trump Censorship, Ignores College Speech Clampdown

Life in America will be miserable under President Donald Trump. So says Trevor Noah and his gaggle of scribes at Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

The liberal show depicted what the U.S. will be like after four years of a Trump administration on Monday’s telecast. Suffice to say “The Walking Dead” apocalypse almost looks chipper by comparison.

Poverty. War. A collapsed economy.

I’ve come out of hiding to broadcast one more episode of ‘The Daily Show’ … I know I’m taking a risk. I’m risking my life and yours by broadcasting this show but with the election just days away it’s a risk worth taking, people.

The big (alleged) yuk? Trump will be clamping down on free speech, so programs like “The Daily Show” will be lucky to get any broadcasts to the public. Former “Daily Show” contributor John Oliver reappeared on his old show during the sketch. Oliver’s innocuous routine got interrupted when Trump’s goons dragged him away in handcuffs.

Har, har. More hard-left comedy from Team Noah. Did you expect much different so close to Election Day?

And yet the skit reveals just why people can’t trust “The Daily Show” anymore. Noah and co. haven’t exactly sounded the alarm over today’s actual, bona fide censorship. Could it be because it’s conservatives who are being censored?

Consider how many right-of-center folks are being kicked off social media for misdeeds far less atrocious than other users. Or how YouTube recently declared video courses created by Dennis Prager, the very essence of clean commentary, unfit for young eyes.

Worst of all? How colleges are either canceling speaking gigs by conservatives like Ben Shapiro, or having on-site security stand down as progressives physically attack conservative speakers with whom the students disagree.

In Hollywood, simply declaring support for Trump might just cost you your job. That’s not just censorship. It’s denying someone the right to make a living based on their views.

This isn’t a doomsday scenario or scene from “The Hunger Games” left out of the movie franchise. This is all happening under the progressive leadership of President Barack Obama. Yet Noah doesn’t seem to care.

“The Daily Show” didn’t have to whip up any dystopian future to create a free speech nightmare. It’s here. Right now. Yet how many times has Noah “destroyed” these free speech deniers? Has he come to Shapiro’s defense? Prager’s?

If he has, it’s far less than his attacks on Trump and other GOP targets.