Will Miley Cyrus Give Up Her Raunchy Ways to Be a Judge on 'The Voice'?

Don’t look now, but we’re about to see Miley Cyrus on a weekly basis.

The Twerkmaster General will be a coach on the upcoming season of NBC’s “The Voice.”


Starting Sept. 19, Cyrus will be counseling the show’s wannabe stars. Will she tell them to get naked, smoke pot and otherwise mimic what’s she’s been doing for the last three years?

Better yet, does Cyrus’ new gig signal the end of Naughty Miley?

NBC suits won’t take kindly to Cyrus acting up on social media now. They run a family-friendly program. Remember how shock jock Howard Stern cleaned up his act to be a judge on “America’s Got Talent?”

Expect a similar transformation for Cyrus.

Of course, we all know the singer’s recent history and how much she’ll have to change. She broke free of her “Hannah Montana” image by twerking with Robin Thicke on the MTV awards three years ago.

The nation was shocked. And Cyrus just wouldn’t stop. It proved a publicity bonanza … for a while.

Cyrus gobbled it up. She sold records aplenty. She kept pushing … and pushing … and suddenly seeing her nearly naked or praising pot got old. Tired. Been there, done with that.

Cyrus isn’t in the news as much as she once was. Even web sites that feast on celebrity gossip moved on. What did Kardashian X do now?

In a way, “The Voice” is an essential step in Cyrus’ career. She can flash her personality without needing profanity as a crutch. And maybe she’ll belt out a song or two along the way.


If she truly has talent, her star will rise anew. She’s taking another step toward serious art via Woody Allen, of all people. Cyrus will co-star in the director’s upcoming Amazon TV series.

Surely, Allen won’t ask Cyrus to trot out her usual shtick.

Enduring fame means more than attempting to shock the world. Consider the lessons learned by Lady Gaga. She was once the quirky princess of pop music. Then, her album sales started to slump. She couldn’t even draw a crowd with the Muppets.

What did she do? She belted out a Julie Andrews medley during the 2015 Oscars ceremony. Suddenly, her audience saw her in a whole new light.

Can Cyrus make a similar transition? Her career longevity is at skate.

It still leaves viewers wondering if Cyrus would, if the “Voice” cameras all shut off, coach the singers to mimic her act for fame and fortune?

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