No One's Safe: SJWs Target Ellen DeGeneres Over 'Racist' Usain Bolt Tweet

Being a liberal used to offer some sort of protection against charges of racism, sexism … you name it.

Not anymore.

Just ask Tina Fey, who was savaged by Social Justice Warriors for a Native American storyline on her Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Did it matter that the Comanche actor on the series was fully on board with the gag, and found the finished product “damn funny”?



Will Ferrell, who forged his brand by mocking President George W. Bush and created the far-left site, got hammered for his hit comedy “Get Hard.” The charge? The jokes were flat-out racist, even though comedy superstar Kevin Hart, who is black, was Ferrell’s co-star.

Or consider how Amy Schumer was attacked last year for her “racist” comedy routine. Comedians don’t get any more progressive than Schumer. That didn’t protect her.

Being progressive didn’t help those stars.

Now, Ellen DeGeneres is under SJW assault. The affable host of “Ellen” recently tweeted out a picture.

The comedienne clearly got caught up in Olympic fever and tried to share a funny meme in the process. Wrong move in 2016.

The response, like most of what occurs on Twitter, was instantaneous. A woman who has no direct connection to any racist activities was suddenly accused of a hate tweet. DeGeneres responded as swiftly as possible to the allegations.

Of course, apologies typically don’t work in this arena. SJWs want more, more, more.

Consider how some were upset with the “Lady” “Ghostbusters” reboot. This paragon of female empowerment didn’t go far enough, some suggested. Why did the black character, played by Leslie Jones, lack the scientific gravitas of her peers? How come a man (Chris Hemsworth) got so many funny lines?


You simply can’t win with this crowd.

In the past, SJWs would attack conservatives with little provocation. “Coded” racial animus was more than enough, thank you. Liberals typically got a pass.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you lack an ounce of hatred toward any race, creed or color. If you’re perceived to step out of line, you’re a hater.

Just ask DeGeneres, one of the culture’s more positive personalities. She got a taste of SJW justice this week. Maybe she’ll use her TV bully pulpit to respond to their accusations.

It might not make for funny television, but it’s long overdue.


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