MoveOn.Org Competition Seeks Nation's Funniest Comedians to Mock Trump

We just witnessed a crush of celebrities doing all they could to undermine Donald Trump. And they’re not done.

Elizabeth Banks compared Trump to the monstrous regime featured in “The Hunger Games” during the Democratic National Convention. Sigourney Weaver said Trump’s decisions would “kill planet Earth,” according to the Daily Beast’s summation of the “Alien” star’s speech from the very same stage.

Late-night comics, including Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore, essentially abandoned any sense of objectivity to cheer on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. thinks that isn’t enough. Political Action just announced its latest pro-Hillary Clinton project.

Laughter Trumps Hate is a national competition seeking funny people to mock Trump. The specific target, according to the group?

“The GOP’s politics of hate, and the pressing issues of bigotry and bullying.”

This Tweet from conservative pundit Matt Walsh likely says it all:

To enter, all you have to do is send short videos of stand-up comedy, political sketches and impressions of Donald Trump tied to the “GOP’s politics of hate.”

There’s that branding again, made possible by Trump.

The winners will perform at live showcases in L.A., Chicago and New York later this month. Those events will coincidentally feature voter registration tables.

The Left has its act together, while Trump’s national committee continues to convey a Keystone Kops organizational sense. MoveOn isn’t done. The winning videos will then be pushed out across its various platforms.

The group sprang to life during the 1990s when President Bill Clinton was under fire for having a sexual relationship with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. Entrepreneurs Joan Blades and Wes Boyd registered the domain name to protect Clinton from being chased out of office.

Since then, the organization has grown into a muscular defender of liberal causes. Earlier this week, the group gathered more than 100 celebrities for an open letter blasting Trump’s hateful rhetoric.

The Left’s understanding of social media and pop culture is impressive, indeed. And it helps to have a target like Trump. He not only personifies the very worst caricatures the Left assembled of the GOP for the past 20-plus years. He’s magnified them with a series of new, damning flaws.

Trump appeared uniquely capable of fighting the Left on its own celebrity turf. He’s a reality show star whose ties to Tinsel Town date back to the 1980s. Surely he could answer the Left’s celebrity jamboree with stars of his own.

Only when it came time for the Republican National Convention, all Trump could muster was Scott Baio, Willie Robertson and Antonio Sabato, Jr.

It’s a miracle the presidential race is as tight as it is right now.

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