Cameron Bure's Lonely 'View' Battlefront

Candace Cameron Bure became famous for being a team player.

Now, she’s a player without a team.

Cameron Bure previously starred in “Full House,” the ABC sitcom which recently got the reboot treatment via Netflix’s “Fuller House.” The actress plays D.J. Tanner on both incarnations, starring alongside Bob Saget, John Stamos and Lori Loughlin.

Her highest profile gig now, though, is appearing on the syndicated daytime talker “The View.” That long-running show features a panel of women discussing the latest issues, from cultural hot button topics to political headlines.

Lately, plenty of chatter surrounds the 2016 presidential election. How could it not?

And, as even a casual observer will notice, the show leans left. Religiously so. It’s where Rosie O’Donnell famously battled Elisabeth Hasselbeck over politics, turning the talk show into a screamfest.

Hasselbeck was the sole right-leaning host then. Now, it’s Cameron Bure’s turn. And it doesn’t always feel good.

I realize sometimes I am the lone conservative or lone Republican sitting at the table some days. And some days it’s hard to not have backup but we are all there to share our opinions and I think that’s one thing that about me, I don’t get hot headed.

That means no viral-worthy shoutfests during Cameron Bure’s first full season on the show.

So when her colleagues do whatever they can to deflect negative buzz from Hillary Clinton, it’s Cameron Bure’s job to hold the former first lady accountable. Hollywood often won’t do it. Nor will her “View” co-hosts.

She has learned how to take the brickbats without causing behind-the-scenes tension. That’s an approach more of us should take when we get into heated ideological slugfests.

“I don’t take any of it personally,” she said. “I don’t think really any of the women are on the panel mean it personally. We all have different opinions that is why we are there.”

The “View” cast is in a constant state of upheaval these days. The program just announced comedienne Michelle Collins won’t be returning to the show after being judiciously weaned away from the daily grind. She lasted a single season.

Previous ex-“View” hosts include Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Wallace and Rosie Perez.

Collins is no O’Donnell, but suffice to say she didn’t have Cameron Bure’s back during their political debates. What are the chances the next “View” co-host will?

Early speculation has “Good Morning America’s” Lifestyle Anchor Sara Haines joining the show. As a proud member of the mainstream media, don’t expect Haines to take GOP-friendly sides once she joins the program.

Of course, said program hired a former MSNBC producer two years ago, Bill Wolff, to oversee the show. Wolff previously worked on that hard-left channel’s signature program, “The Rachel Maddow Show.” He only lasted a year, though, following a tumultuous reign.

The show’s one true constant? If you support the GOP you’ll have to go it alone.