A New Anti-War, Anti-American film ... or a Spoof?

Writer/director John Sayles has some highly respected films on his resume, from “Eight Men Out” to “Matewan.” But his latest project feels more like a parody than an actual movie project.

“Amigo,” heading our way this August, tells the story of an American occupation of the Philippines circa 1900. And if you think it’s just an excuse to slam so-called American imperialism in general and the Iraq war in particular, give yourself a gold star.

But even knowing that doesn’t prepare you for the liberal cliches barnstorming across the screen. You have the cruel Americans personified here by Chris Cooper, the saintly locals, the scenes of innocents being squashed under the U.S. military’s thumb and the American who dares to connect with the enemy on a personal level.

It’s as subtle as a Bill Maher rant.

Maybe the trailer ratched up the anti-American elements because they know the hard-left crowd will be the only ones lining up for such a project. Let’s hope “Amigo” isn’t as cartoonish as its trailer portends.


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