[VIDEO] Dan Bongino Smokes Out a Critical Race Theory Heretic

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

One of critical race theory’s core tenets is that the world is divided into oppressors and the oppressed. This is not an option belief in the CRT system. It’s central to it.

Progressive Democrat Roger Fisk hails from the Obama administration and is himself a proponent of critical race theory.

It took Dan Bongino no time to effortlessly get Fisk to reject the core belief of critical race theory during an interview over the weekend. It takes a simple question: “I ask you: You’re white, are you an oppressor?”


Fisk’s answer is “I don’t believe that I am (an oppressor).” Then he proceeds to note that he had family members fight for America in the American Revolution, and other ancestors who condemned women to die during the Salem Witch Trials. As if he, Roger Fisk, bears any agency for the decisions his ancestors made hundreds of years ago. He admits that he does not, and says that he tells his fellow progressives that America has improved on race relations over the centuries as its system was designed to foster. America has “self-corrected” throughout its existence “more than any other civilization in history,” Fisk says, admitting that American exceptionalism is true. This is also an accidental admission that CRT’s claim that America is systemically racist is false. A systemically racist nation would not self-correct. It would continue to oppress, by design, in the way that China’s Han majority systemically oppresses its Uighur minority under communism.

Admitting that he doesn’t believe he is an oppressor and has not redistributed his own wealth to atone for the sins of the past makes Fisk a critical race theory heretic. That belief system doesn’t leave its oppressor-oppressed dichotomy as an option. It teaches it as fact, and one that individuals cannot escape. Their immutable characteristics leave them no agency for change or redemption. They must always continually hunt down unbelievers and persecute them to atone, but full redemption is impossible. If this sounds like a graceless belief system, that’s because it is. It produces zealots rather than critical thinkers, and in this moment in history is producing its own version of the Salem Witch Trials, otherwise known as cancel culture.

Bongino may have found a way to start breaking critical race theory and force people to confront the fact that they don’t fit into the neat boxes CRT forces them into. It may also force them to confront just how simple-minded CRT truly is. The world is far more complex than CRT allows. Most of history has happened far outside the world CRT allows, and the fact that numerous non-white peoples enslaved others, and enslaved white people as well, ought to force cracks to develop that will destroy CRT’s logic. CRT proponents get around that by ignoring the facts or insisting that objective reality is itself racist.

That’s an infantile approach to reality. The history of slavery alone, on which CRT bases much of its oppressor-oppressed ideas, is far more complex than CRT allows. Slavery existed for thousands of years before the United States was established. It still exists in parts of the world to this day. The United States was among the nations that inherited slavery, and through compromise and a very bloody Civil War, eventually abolished it. Democrats imposed Jim Crow to attempt to reinstate and maintain a racial caste system, but that died its deserved death during the 1960s civil rights movement, which used moral persuasion and America’s own system to bring about equality under the law. The union has become more perfect over time, through the system the founders established. That system was not based on the arrival of slaves in the pre-American New World, as the 1619 Project falsely claims, but on the flow of history including the Magna Carta and the 1641 English Civil War. Critical race theory demands that the Founding Fathers do its bidding centuries ago or they are automatically racist, which is yet another infantile claim on history that cannot square with the reality of the time in which the United States was born.

Critical race theory isn’t compatible with the Consitution and it cannot reflect reality. It’s far too simple-minded to hold up to scrutiny. It’s a tool to undermine the Constitution and replace it with a racist caste system. Critical race theory would lead not to an American nation of federalism and freedom but to a French Revolution system of radical purges and persecution.