Tater the Hater: Brian Stelter's CNN Ratings Crater for Second Straight Week

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Well, isn’t this a shame.

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with far-left host Brian Stelter had its lowest-rated show of the year on Sunday, failing to crack the one-million viewer plateau for the second-straight week.

Stelter’s program, which is billed as a media program but has morphed into a weekly partisan attack on conservative news organizations, averaged only 936,000 on March 21. The total was its smallest audience of the year.

Host Brian Stelter bashes Republicans and goes out of his way to avoid serious media reporting. He doesn’t report on the disinformation routinely published as mainstream news. He doesn’t report on his own network’s descent into hate and madness, pushing the Russia collusion hoax and the like. He’s Samantha Bee without the failed attempt to be funny.

The most recent episode of “Reliable Sources” dropped a staggering 65 percent of its viewers since its Jan. 10 edition that averaged 2.7 million viewers, as viewers tuned in for the latest on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Stelter just needs a convenient hate target again. We can be assured he won’t pick on any Democrat, no matter how odious. It’s not like there’s a scandal-plagued New York governor with a brother at Stelter’s own network, right?

Viewers wanting news about the media have figured out Stelter just isn’t a reliable source.

Perhaps viewers have realized that Stelter doesn’t cover the majority of mainstream media scandals and gaffes, as he avoided the Washington Post’s major correction to its bombshell January report about a phone call between then-President Donald Trump and Georgia elections investigator Frances Watson.

The major correction was the type of story most media programs would spend significant time on, but “Reliable Sources” passed altogether.

Instead of reporting on any of that, Stelter is apparently targeting Newsmax TV. That’s after he tried to deplatform them and other channels that don’t stick to the leftist line.

Last night, CNN’s Brian Stelter contacted us about “Newsmax’s ratings declines for my CNN newsletter.”

Stelter contacted Newsmax at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night and said he would give us just one hour to respond, meaning a 10 p.m. deadline.

Reporters who do that — and drop tight deadlines on Friday afternoons and the like — deserve to be called out publicly and shunned. The call for comment late at night or on a Friday afternoon is often used strategically to say, “So and so failed to respond by the deadline” or some such to make them look like they’re hiding. It’s dishonest.

Stelter should feel dizzy because Newsmax turned the tables on him.

Early Wednesday morning Newsmax sent Stelter the following response: “Only CNN would do a story on Newsmax’s drop in ratings when its own Nielsen total day impressions fell by 45% last week compared to the week after the election, and Brian Stelter’s own ‘Reliable Sources’ show fell by 44% over the same period with, more recently, his show having lost nearly 1 million viewers since January of this year.”

CNN’s Stelter was contacted to comment on his network’s ratings decline, but did not offer comment.

Stelter is a reliable Democrat stooge, nothing more and nothing less. I didn’t bother reaching out to CNN for comment, because anyone who knows anything about him knows it’s true.

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