Some Monster Cooks a Steak in a TOASTER, Tries Convincing People It's Fine

Some Monster Cooks a Steak in a TOASTER, Tries Convincing People It's Fine
Man ruins steak in a toaster. Image from Facebook post about the crime.

There are so many things wrong with this story. First, TikTok exists. Second, people are using it to find cooking tips.

Really? We have entire cable networks devoted to food. Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentiis, Alton Brown, and countless others are available everywhere now, 24/7, on your TV or your phone or wherever to tell you how to cook and entertain. That’s what they do. It’s why they exist. We’ve had the great Iron Chefs in Japan and the United States. We need randos on TikTok for this?


No, we do not.

But some chef evidently took a TikToker’s suggestion (why would anyone do this?) and cooked perfectly good steak in toaster. Most people — rational people who respect a good steak — would gawk in horror. Or look away.

Professional chef Craig Harker, however, was not one of those people who reacted that way.

Instead of filing some sort of injunction against the TikToker to prevent her from ever cooking anything ever again, he decided to try it out for himself.

In fairness, I don’t know that he saw the same video I am talking about here, but he does admit to the Mirror that he saw some video online of someone cooking steak in a toaster, and so even if it’s not the same video, my outrage still stands.

As does mine.

This is the horrifying result.

Cooking a steak in a toaster isn’t as bad as it sounds, sure we’re never going to do this in the pub but for amateurs…

Posted by The George Pub & Grill on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

“…isn’t as bad as it sounds…” It’s a culinary crime.

I’ve cooked and eaten many a steak. While I’ve had them prepared in many ways and in more than one country, I prefer to grill it over lump charcoal to get just the right sear and just the perfect flavor. One must have fire and smoke for the perfect steak. We can quibble over whether mesquite is superior to every other source of the smoke or not.

A toaster? A toaster?

He ended up having to cook three different steaks in the toaster before he says he got it right. So he basically ruined two perfectly good steaks attempting this criminal experiment.

“It was trial and error but when we put the third steak down, it came out medium rare and was pink in the middle but well done on the outside,” he said.

“It tasted really nice and was red hot; if someone doesn’t know how to cook a good steak just whack it in the toaster.”

Just no.

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