'Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Has Opinions. Some Tweeters Are Trying to Get Her Fired Over Them

'Mandalorian' Star Gina Carano Has Opinions. Some Tweeters Are Trying to Get Her Fired Over Them
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Will cancel culture reach all the way to a galaxy far, far away?

The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars production since Empire Strikes Back. Some disagree, insisting that Rogue One is the best Star Wars since Empire. They’re wrong but that’s not what this post is about.

Gina Carano plays tough-fighting Cara Dune in the brilliant Star Wars spin on the spaghetti Western. Dune was a rebel shock trooper during the galactic civil war and is now making her way through the galaxy. Her path intersects with the series star, Din Djarin aka the Mandalorian. Carano is a former MMA star, as tough in real life as her character is on the screen. She could break most of us in half.

Rumors that Carano would be a part of the series stirred buzz before her debut, and the Dune character was an instant hit when she entered the Mandalorian’s storyline in Season 1 Episode 4, “Sanctuary.” Which is a fantastic episode. I’ve watched it at least three times.

Carano has opinions that are her own and don’t necessarily align with the cultural rot on social media. Some fans, and apparently a website called We Got This Covered, is trying to get her fired from the show. The site titles its piece on the weak non-controversy “The Mandalorian Fans Want Gina Carano Fired Over Her Social Media Activity,” implying that all fans of the show agree on this.

This is by no means true. Some intolerant fans are tweeting at her because she wants elections in the United States to be fair and above board.

Shocking opinion! Off with her bandolier!

What’s wrong with Carano’s opinion? Every illegal or fake vote cast disenfranchises a legal voter. So what’s wrong with Carano’s call to clean up our elections? What’s wrong with any of the remedies she calls for?

Some tweeters clapped back at her, but the fact is Twitter is not representative of anything. It skews young and left. But WGTC gets a whole article out of those tweeters criticizing her and even calling for Disney to fire her and never presents any other point of view, despite the fact that the very first reaction tweet agreed with Carano.

We Got This Covered skipped over that tweet and ignored others to highlight the cancel creeps.

Disney is unlikely to take any action against Carano, and it shouldn’t. The Mandalorian is one of its hottest properties. Showrunner Jon Favreau runs the Razor Crest brilliantly and thus far hasn’t allowed any politics to intrude on the story at all. When cancel culture tried to hunt down Avengers universe star Chris Pratt (who by all accounts is one of the most stand-up people in all entertainment), the Avengers united and defended him. Favreau is arguably the most important person behind the scenes of that cinematic universe and he plays a role on screen. He didn’t let cancel culture influence anything regarding Pratt. Series stars Robert Downey Jr. and even far-left actor Mark Ruffalo united around him. It would be a massive mistake to listen to a few intolerant cancel culture warriors and distort The Mandalorian.

Putting all of that aside, this is still allegedly America, and we will allegedly have the right to our opinions and freedom to express them. Right? Does this require a fact-check?

Hilariously, We Got This Covered’s own (unedited) commenters are having none of its attack on Carano. Here’s a sample.

The cancer culture, I mean cancel culture snowflakes strike again. 
This article is so bias its not even funny. Do you even realize how many fans Mandalorian has? Have you even looked into the number of fans that actually on Twitter? And, out of those how many follow Gina and have expressed these intolerant, bigoted views? This is what your basing your article on?? Why would anyone even suggest this of someone over expressing their opinion in a tweet? Who would do this? Perhaps only a twit…or twitter jawa.
For Christ sake, I am pretty sure God does not forbid people of this world to have their own opinions. Does he not say, treat unto others as you would want them to treat you? You all should be ashamed of yourself for trying to destroy a person’s life because she has different views. Spend the time trying to better your own life instead of trying to destroy someone else’s.
This is ridiculous. Not just people wanting others to not have thoughts of their own against a majority, but I’m tired of journalists fueling the fire. I caught that part where it said she liked tweets that supported the “unsubstantiated” claims of voter fraud in the Presidential election. Seriously? More media not being impartial with even the stupidest celeb news. For a group of people who claim to not be “bigoted”, I see them bully more people than anyone!

Based on this sample, We Got This Covered does not have this story covered fairly at all.

The Mandalorian is in Season 2, with Episode 3 set to debut at midnight Friday morning. Fans await the return of its eponymous star, “the Child” aka Baby Yoda, and hopefully Cara Dune at some point.

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