Furry Friday: 5 Cool Products for Pooches

I’m sure everybody’s pooches will be getting a fair share of fun in the sun this weekend. (Here in hellish humid hot D.C., that will mean less time outside for the puppacita.) I though it would be a good Furry Friday, then, to throw out some of the favorite dog products I’ve discovered in my past year of dog ownership, and let readers add their own pawesome products.

1. Wild Meadow Farms Beef Bites

I came across this product at the last local pet expo, when the puppacita adamantly refused to leave their booth after a sampling. Yeah, dogs may clamor for the cookie bar at the pet store, but I’ve increasingly been on the lookout for natural treats after I’ve seen what natural dog food has done for the puppa’s coat and energy level. Most important for my three-toothed baby, treats like these are soft and easily torn into tiny pieces. This family operation in Lancaster, Pa., uses only grass-fed beef, no throwaway cuts, with no grains or fillers. I see on their site that they’ve since added free-range applewood smoked chicken bites — those can only be scrumptious.

2. Little Paws Knitting

Ready to support an all-American start-up business? I’ve been buying dog clothes for my Chihuahua that gets cold when it’s 68 degrees, and am constantly looking for clearance sales as they can be pretty overpriced. This business, started by an employee at one of my local pet stores, offers sweaters, collars and more for extremely good prices. And for those with dogs big and small who can’t find the perfect fit, Lindsay will knit to your specifications. We love entrepreneurship, we love good quality American-made products, so give Little Paw a shot.

3. Etta Says! Duck Jerky

A local pet boutique only stocks goods and treats made in the USA, and that’s where I found this gem of a dog treat. And the boutique owner tells me she can barely keep them in stock. These substantial sticks — and they sell 3-foot versions for the big pups, as well — are delightfully soft and easy to tear. But I can put one in my pocket and it won’t crumble, either. When I have a bag of this, I’m like the pied piper of neighborhood dogs. But the puppacita gets the first bite.

4. Outward Hound Pet-A-Roo Carrier

This is for the small dogs, of course. It’s a front carrier with a pocket to hold your pup — great for when the dog insists on being close to you, or if you’re out on a day trip and you know she can only walk so far. I gave this a test run while outlet shopping and was able to juggle all bags while puppacita happily stayed put, her head and front paws perched out. It has a leash hook and nicely padded bottom so she was good and comfy.

5. CVS discount doggie

To say I’ve been impressed by CVS’ pet products is an understatement. First, I was wooed by last winter’s dog sweaters — cable-knit turtlenecks with rib-knit sleeves that cost a fraction of pet store sweaters ($6.99 regular price, and 75 percent off after Christmas), are among the puppa’s favorites, and hold up nicely after washings. Then I tried the doggie stairs, at $9.99, to let the puppacita climb on and off the ottoman. Easy to assemble and work like a charm. Then I was looking for a nice travel bed that could flatten a bit for my suitcase, but was still plush enough to her liking. I recently found a pink furry bed, perfect in proportions and plushness (with sequin trim!), for $9.99 here when I was stopping to pick up Tylenol. Next time you’re stopping in for sale Blue Diamond almonds, check out the pet section here.

I should add that the puppacita is recently smitten with Trader Joe’s chicken jerky — American-made, all natural, and a whopping $1.99 per bag. Now… some of your favorites?