Who's Afraid of the Denver Airport's Fiery Blue 'Devil Horse'?

dia promo photo blue mustang

Planning on traveling through my closest airport hub, Denver International Airport? Keep an eye out for the gigantic sculpture of a bright blue, anatomically correct, rearing stallion complete with glow-in-the-dark red eyes. Called “Mustang,” this 32-foot-tall fiberglass sculpture is notorious both for its demonic appearance and the fact that it killed its creator.

The sculptor, Luis Jimenez, died when a portion of the Mustang fell on his leg, severing his artery. The artwork was completed by Jimenez’s son and erected at the entrance to Denver International Airport in 2008. The stallion has gathered notorious nicknames such as “Blucifer” and “Devil Horse” and some say it is haunted. Whoever could think that?


After five years, travelers have gotten used to the Blue Nightmare and even feel a bit of fondness for him. Denver allows petitions to remove artwork after five years but even though the window is open, few seem to be interested in signing the petition. I have no plans to sign the petition either. Every time I travel I make sure to look for the giant stallion to see if his eyes are still a scary glowing red and the veins on his mighty flanks and body are still a dead, demonic black. Check, and check. He’s waiting to welcome you, or bid you farewell, whenever you visit. I think he’ll be around for many years to come.


image courtesy of Westword.