Q: How Can You Tell a Techie? A:The Hoodie

Style alert!  If you want to fit right in to the latest Silicon Valley, South Bay and Bay Area high-tech and venture  capital firms, be sure to don a hoodie. According to The Wall Street Journal, it needn’t be cotton or sweat-shirty: in Menlo Park, near Palo Alto, they’re cashmere.  But they’re still hoodies.

“The hoodie’s centrality to tech culture was solidified by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who has made it his uniform. ‘I never take off the hoodie,’ Mr. Zuckerberg told participants at the D8: All Things Digital conference last year, while sweating in the spotlight.


“Cashmere hoodies are all the rage on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, Calif., home to many big-name venture-capital firms, according to venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, who recently brought on former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers as a special adviser. Mr. Andreessen says ‘the challenge for now is to get Larry to wear a hoodie.’ ”

That’s quite a challenge. Good luck with that, Marc.

For those who don’t work for such companies, where free, corporate logo’ed  hoodies  are a perk of employment, Maine’s venerable L.L. Bean offers 30 in all (they say there are 31, but there’s a men’s sweater in the group with no discernable hood.)  The one I would least recommend is this (below), aimed at the girls’ market.

Hey, give the girls a break.  They want to look cool, too. OTOH, like so many, maybe this just needs the right girl:

Better still, check out the PajamasMedia Store and treat yourself to something truly awesome, not to mention awe-inspiring.  Picture yourself or someone you love (of course, it might be the same person if you’re the President) wearing this incomparable hoodie, the hoodie of all hoodies.  Don’t leave home without it:


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