'Government Shutdown 2013' by the Numbers


The looming “Government Shutdown of 2013” would affect more than just D.C. residents. Sorry park users and tourists!  CNN came out with a detailed list of who would be affected and how—but here is a quick cheat sheet by the numbers:


0: The number of people from the Federal maritime Commission that are expected to work.  All 120 employees will probably be put on furlough.

1: Number of employees from the Office of Government Ethics who are expected to come to work. The remaining 62 workers will be furloughed. (I feel like we really should keep this office open…)

10: The number of days the U.S. Courts would remain open on available funds.

36: The number of workers on furlough from two armed forces retirement homes. These homes in Gulfport, MS and Washington, D.C. would remain open for their residents but 36 employees out of the 285 total would be put on furlough.

15: The number of days the overseas Peace Corps operations will continue until they are “wrapped up.” How many are impacted? The Peace Corps has 1055 employees, 627 are on furlough and 428 are expected to work.

19: The number of employees at the US Postal Service Inspector General who are expected to work.  1,117 people will probably be on furlough.

688: The number of Smithsonian workers who are expected to be at work.  (Note: the museum has 4,202 total employees.) The National Gallery of Art and the famous Sculpture Garden will also be closed and all public events cancelled.   However, don’t fret too much about the animals or priceless art, the people who protect the collections and feed the animals will still be on hand.

8,752: The number of IRS workers (out of 94,516 employed) that are expected to remain at work. (I won’t blame readers who are quietly celebrating).

58,765: The number of furloughed workers from the Department of Interior.  These cutbacks would impact national parks and wildlife refuge systems (all would be closed).  Public access would also be restricted. In addition, according to the DoI contingency plan, “the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement would continue to ensure the safety of drilling and production operations and issue drilling and other offshore permits; however, renewable activities and five-year plan work would be terminated.” Thank goodness for small mercies?

1,400,000: Number of Active Duty Military who will still be on duty and receive paychecks on October 1st.  However, if the “shutdown” continues until October 7th, these workers might be in danger of delayed payment the next time around.

*The decision to remain open, or close, individual congressional offices will be left up to each Congressional member.  They will decide which workers remain on the job and who will go home.

** All sites under the American Battle Monuments Commission would close.