If You've Got Money to Blow, Tiffany’s Is Selling $1000 Tin Cans

If you’re ridiculously wealthy, and you’re bored with gifting expensive diamond watches, gold rings, and silver bracelets from Tiffany’s & Co. every Christmas, you’re in luck! The trendsetters at Tiffany’s have released a new line of premium gifts that are sure to be a hit with the entire family this year, including a sterling silver “tin can” that can be yours for just $1,000!

According to the listing on Tiffany’s website, “The Everyday Objects collection transforms utilitarian items into handcrafted works of art. A classic tin can is upgraded in sterling silver and shining vermeil.”

That’s right, it’s a collection of “handcrafted works of art” that includes a range of blinged out junk drawer staples, such as:

  • Two “paper cups” made of fine bone china for only $95
  • A silver pizza cutter that was made in Italy for $165
  • An ice cream scoop made from sterling silver and American walnut for $375

The collection also includes a set of table tennis paddles made of stunning leather, silver, and American walnut materials. The paddles come with a rather generous bonus of three branded ping-pong balls for a mere $650.

And how could you pass up snagging one of five handspun yarn balls made from threads of sterling silver? It’s a steal at $9,000, and quantities are limited, so grab your silver yarn while you can!

Or, like… get them a gift card. Everyone likes gift cards.