5 Scariest Nutcrackers for the Holidays

There are many icons surrounding the holidays this month. Santa Claus, angels, Christmas trees, and stars are just some of the many symbols we see. And those familiar with classic holiday decor know all too well of the wooden nutcracker.

Throughout the years, the nutcracker has mainly been designed to resemble a guard or soldier, but who could have predicted that the nutcracker would get creepier and creepier over time? 

If you’re looking for a unique present to give to a family member or friend this year, consider some of these non-traditional and scary nutcrackers. These definitely are not like any of the nutcrackers you’ve seen in the ballet!

1. The Original Choking Nutcracker

nutcrackers 1

Photo via Flickr by Thedirthill

When it comes to picking out a nutcracker, the original design can be just as scary as ever. Look for ones that have the long beards — awkward paint jobs make them look like they’re vomiting facial hair. If you look closely, his eyes and teeth stare right at you, like he’s ready to bite! 

2. The Pirate Nutcracker

nutcrackers 2

Photo via Flickr by Avi

Looking for something dark, both literally and figuratively? This pirate-style nutcracker is sure to give you a bit of the shakes. For the kids, this can be the next “bandit” they fight off with their superhero toys. While not as handsome as Captain Hook, he’ll do for some giggles and/or nightmares.

3. The Devil/Demon Nutcracker


Photo by HappyNestDecor via Etsy

Remember voodoo dolls? How about a demon-like nutcracker to give you good luck… or bad luck, depending on whom you ask. This nutcracker has no arms or legs — it’s just a head on a stick! If you like cultural artifacts or figurines, this would be a great addition to your collection. Did the previous owners use this nutcracker to worship the devil? Who knows?! But I believe that whatever history lies with it will carry over to the next owner, so buyer beware! 

4. Zombie Nutcracker

zombie nutcrackerzombie nutcrackernutcrackers 3

Photo by Kurt Adler via Amazon

With the craze of AMC’s The Walking Dead, why not pick out a zombie nutcracker? It’s the scariest of them all! You can buy them super bloody or make them that way with a little bit of paint. For those who cosplay as zombies, this might make a nice accessory. Zombie lover or not, this is one gift that will be hard to forget.

5. The Prince/King Nutcracker

prince nutcracker

Photo via Flickr by AForestFrolic

Taking it down a notch to the land of make-believe where princes and princesses live, this nutcracker is much more kid-friendly. Subtle, and even somewhat pretty, the “evil” is all in his face. Make your prince or king nutcracker as villainous as you want and let the children decide whether they want him to take over the kingdom.

What are the scariest nutcrackers you have seen lately? Share with us in the comments below!