10 Science-Themed Rock Songs for Your Internet Debates

Back when, I was a moderator/science expert at a science-themed message board. Here and there, debate points would be illustrated by someone posting a piece of music to illustrate his points, or to emphasize what he was stating, or just because. It’s all good.

There has been the all-too frequent debate over “what would a helicopter do on the moon?”  Billy Preston essentially nailed the question.

1. Billy Preston – “Will It Go Round in Circles”:

I wanted the SSC. I needed the SSC. Sadly, it was not to be. We were fools, because we instead spent the money on what? Paying to study gay whales in Patagonia?

2. Tribe – “Supercollider”:

We know that Closed Timelike Curves are possible, as well as other, more esoteric methods of time-travel not precluded by the Standard Model.  Listen, if you find a blue police box in your den, just go for it. We won’t think less of you, assuming that you ever return.

3. Timelords – “Doctorin’ the Tardis”:

Who knew that Vanadium and Americium could be so…entertaining?

4. Tom Lehrer – “The Elements”:

He is simply insane.

5. Pinky and the Brain – “Brainstem”:

Scientists can be like that – think up some astounding idea, and be so fixated on it that they’ll walk out into moving traffic while pondering it all.

6. “She Blinded Me With Science”:

What this might bring us in the future is amazing to consider. Longer, much healthier lives in near-perfect condition? As Michael Ledeen says, “Faster, please.”

7. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – “Genetic Engineering”:

I worked in an observatory once. If you’ve ever worked, studied, or volunteered in one, you are familiar with standing there at 1 AM, freezing. This is expected. So it goes — all for science. I’m doing science! Rawr! We used to listen to good stuff like this. It didn’t precisely make you feel any warmer, but it helped.

8. Rush – “Cygnus X-1”:

Someday, we may well be exploring the universe via some nifty loophole a graduate student stumbles onto.  I wonder, will Uber and Lyft still exist? I am snickering at the thought of making a call, and having a starship arrive with a big, pink mustache attached to the front end.

9. Pink Floyd – “Interstellar Overdrive”:

And finally, pro-forma, from the Stones’ brief foray into Psychedelia.

10. Rolling Stones – “2000 Light Years From Home”: