West Coast, Messed Coast: The Secular Taliban Wins

West Coast, Messed Coast: The Secular Taliban Wins
Twitter screenshot, @Louistheleftist.

It appears that Portland’s transformational change from friendly, rose-festooned, pine-steeped, beer parlor to woke dystopia is complete.

People who fancy themselves the art experts for the region – don’t ask – decided this week that statues of founders, abolitionists, and the man who helped create the national parks system may not be put on display before the public anymore. The statues were violently ripped from their pedestals, spray-painted, and burned by the Left’s secular Taliban: antifa/BLM.

From KGW TV:

The statue of George Washington at Northeast 57th and Sandy was toppled and spray-painted back in June 2020, less than a month after the protests and riots began following the murder of George Floyd. The Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt statues downtown were toppled during one demonstration in October 2020.

Statues of the Elk, burned by antifa, and a founder of Oregon journalism, were also deemed too impure to restore to their rightful places, where long ago smarter, more thoughtful individuals thought to place them.

When West Coast civil rights lawyer Rees Lloyd coined the term Secular Taliban to describe the Left so many years ago, I blanched a bit, but he knew what he was talking about.

Like ISIS destroying Palmyra and the Taliban blowing up those statues of Buddha in Afghanistan, the Secular Taliban of antifa and BLM are jealous overlords whose dogma the rest must obey.

And the people in charge are only too happy to give them that victory.

Speaking of the Secular Taliban, one of its leaders, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and his burqa mask-wearing comrades, are attempting to cleanse the state of the unwashed unvaccinated.

As nurses and doctors flee the Covid mandates—until someone in the governor’s office finally reads and understands the actual science involved—we’re also seeing a bunch of law enforcement officers in the Seattle area bid adieu to their jobs. Seattle may lose as many as 200 police officers, according to The New York Post.

This King County Sheriff’s deputy, Jessy Bailey, who got his Covid shot, took to TikTok to declare he was standing with his unwashed and unvaccinated fellow officers and leaving his job for freer pastures.

His move comes after a King County Sheriff’s chief leaked the vaccination status of all deputies.

The chief was demoted, but screenshots are forever, which was undoubtedly the point.

Now that Gavin Newsom has survived the recall, he’s set in motion plans to destroy the suburbs by taking over local zoning and just ordered Covid shots for K-12 school children at a time when cases are going down and kids, as you know, are not afflicted to any great degree by the virus.

But he did sign a law for the #FreeBritney crowd allowing people stuck under conservatorship to be able to choose their own attorneys, which sounds like a good idea.

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Speaking of being able to choose, PJ Media’s Gwendolyn Sims reported this week that parents are not able to make medical decisions for their children if they are seeking “sensitive health care services.” Newsom signed into law a measure to cut parents out of key medical decisions—even though they’re paying for them.

This week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation into law forcing all California health insurance providers to conceal from policyholders any abortions, transgender surgeries, therapies, and numerous other “sensitive health care services” accessed by anyone on their policies—even by their own minor children.

These so-called “sensitive services” include “all health care services related to mental or behavioral health, sexual and reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, substance use disorder, gender-affirming care, and intimate partner violence.” They also include services described in numerous sections of the existing “Family Code and the Health and Safety Code.

Parents? We don’t need no stinking parents.

Till next time.