Happy One-Year Anniversary to the 'Game-Changer' Vaccine!

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

I actually hadn’t seen any news of this online today. My 83-year-old mother is in the only demographic that still watches local and network news, however. As it is the last day of my visit here, I’m working around her television preferences. There was a breathless report on one of the Detroit stations about the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and all of the hope that there was last December.


What’s lost in all of the brouhaha about people who are vax skeptics is perhaps the main reason for their skepticism: the messaging about the vaccine last year at this time was horrible. I can’t remember how many times I heard or read “game-changer.” We were told that this would be the thing that moved us past the pandemic.

Like almost everything else the LOL experts have been telling us since early 2020, that information was wrong.

I have a number of friends who aren’t vaccinated. It’s not a big number, but they all have valid concerns that have nothing to do with the reasons that the vax Nazis say people aren’t getting vaccinated. Most of them were planning on eventually getting the shot but then started to become very skeptical when breakthrough cases and talk of boosters started.

I get it.

Full disclosure: I’ve had two Pfizer shots and am going to get a booster soon, and I’m a guy who never even got a flu shot until three weeks ago. I’m also going to cap it at one booster. I decided to walk on the wild side this year. I’m one of those people who rarely get sick and I’d prefer to continue that streak. Once I heard about the breakthrough cases, I was more than a bit annoyed. However, a few people I know got the ‘rona real bad and, after hearing their tales of woe, I just crossed my fingers and hoped the shots would keep me from being too sick if the breakthrough action hit me.

We healthy types tend to be full of drama on the rare occasions we do fall ill. I always think I’m dying.

Spoiler alert: I have not died yet.

So, I’ve given you my reasons for getting vaccinated. What sets me apart from the vax Nazis is that I care not one whit about anyone else’s vaccination status. In fact, the vax psychos have become so insufferable that I often wish there was some sort of magic that would allow me to un-vaccinate myself.

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The super pro-vax people have, incredibly, gotten even worse with the messaging in the last year. Well, it hasn’t really been messaging. They began with public shaming, then transitioned to sending vaccine skeptics to the unemployment line. They’re truly unhinged. Virtually every step they’ve made in the last five months has merely served to steel the resolve of vaccine skeptics.

The most ardent pro-vaccine people tend to live in areas where they’re surrounded by fellow Nazis. They aren’t aware that everything they’re doing is kneecapping their own objectives. We all know that the vaccine mandates aren’t going to work out the way they thought. The odds on them deciding to stop being jerkwads and start being honest aren’t very good, sadly.

The great vaccine legal wars of 2021 are going to dominate 2022. Next year at this time they’ll probably be screaming about the Kappa Gamma Delta Zanzibar variant and insisting that the twelfth booster is TOTES FOR REAL going to do the trick.

Hopefully, some adults will be in charge of the country by then and we can see a real end to the nonsense.