Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: Reveling in First World Problems—ButcherBox Edition

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Every week during our three-hour VIP Gold “Five O’Clock Somewhere” Live Chat, Stephen Green, Bryan Preston and I spend more time talking about food, cooking, and grilling than we do talking about politics. Only sociopaths want to talk about politics all of the time, even on a political site.

All three of us are ButcherBox subscribers, and the company gets mentioned with a frequency usually reserved for paid sponsors. We don’t really do paid sponsorships here behind the paywall but if we did, ButcherBox would be the first one we went after.

In addition to the meat in the regular subscription box, Butcher Box has constantly-changing  Member Deals, as well as recurring monthly add-ons members can opt in for. The temptation every month, of course, is to BUY ALL THE MEAT. I have, on more than one occasion, loaded up a box that needed some serious unloading before it actually shipped. I love the meat from ButcherBox, but I also love not being completely broke while enjoying a meal.

The box that I have on the way has five extra things in it and three of them are bacon.



There is a member special right now offering 20 packs of bacon for a discounted rate and the only reason I didn’t get it was because I don’t have the freezer space for it. Sure, it’s tempting to get it and throw 18 pounds of it in the fridge and say, “Yeah, I can eat that in a couple of days,” but I don’t think that the path of maximum consumption is where I need to go whilst trying to rid myself of my excess COVID weight.

I live in a very small, fairly old adobe house. Storage space for anything is at a premium here. I have a slightly smaller refrigerator that has a freezer that doesn’t have the capacity to keep up with the meat haul I’d like to have every month here. And, because the place is so small, there’s really no room for an extra freezer.

I’m not moving though, because I’m reminded of how much I love having a small house every time I have to clean it.

My next ButcherBox will be here in a couple of days and I’m still trying to finish up food from the last two boxes. Yes, I could have delayed the shipping of this one but there were a couple of things I needed ASAP. I’ve got an ambitious menu planned for the coming month.

So there is my very 21st century American First World Problem: I have too much food and more of it on the way.


I was the only editor on duty here at the PJ Media ranch for the three day weekend so I used the time to try and free up some space in the freezer. A couple of steaks, some burgers, and a boatload of bacon jalapeño poppers later, I have just enough room to cram the next shipment in there.

And a lot of leftovers.

Which I won’t be freezing.