Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: The World Is Awful, Believe In Tacos

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Science Has Been Disappointing, I’m Sticking With Tacos

At some point it is important to embrace the path that you’re on, no matter how you got there. I’m still a big believer in making all the changes one can to one’s own life when necessary but I’m at a point in mine where I have decided to take the bounty that the good Lord has given me and eat more tacos.


I’ve frequently lamented the fact that I’ve put on a few pounds during the pandemic even though my life really didn’t change much at all. I frequently get back on the keto wagon only to have it fall apart in a most spectacular manner simply because I am surrounded by the best Mexican food outside of Mexico and a glorious local craft beer scene. My once-legendary willpower has taken a bit of a Bat Flu hiatus and I’ve decided that I’m giving in.

For a few days, at least.

Let’s face it, the world has become a little…trying, to say the least. As I have written on many occasions, I’ve reached a point in life where I don’t let things get to me.

Tacos and great local craft beer are an integral part of keeping that vibe going and I shan’t be fighting that anymore. For a few days (Weeks? Months? Years?) more, I am going to enjoy the culinary delights that my hometown offers. My new favorite taco place is less than a mile from my house and my new fave craft beer place is half a mile away.

I can’t keep pretending that they aren’t there.

Tucson is so full of amazing Mexican food that I am still discovering restaurants within a couple miles of my house that I never even knew existed. When the universe speaks like that, it’s important to listen. These days especially, you don’t really want to be pissing off the universe.

Women have spa days, I’m going to have tacos and beer days now.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday. God didn’t invent Taco Tuesdays just so I could be an ingrate and eat something non-taco. I went to my favorite place last night because I thought Taco Mondays should be a thing too. I was right. It is the perfect way to start a week.

Tonight, I have a gorgeous sirloin cap steak that needs to be cooked right away. I’m going to grill it to perfection, then make tacos with some of the meat.

The way God wants me to.