Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: The Pfizer Vaccine Pairs Well With Craft Beer

Kruiser's (Almost) Daily Distraction: The Pfizer Vaccine Pairs Well With Craft Beer

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A Sense of Humor Helps

Well, I am almost bulletproof now. I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine last Friday and turned it into a social event because I do like to prioritize fun. Before any vaccine haters or skeptics get all worked up, let be clear that this isn’t a pitch for anyone else to get vaccinated. I wanted to be, so I am. I honestly do not care what anyone else does.

I got mine late Friday morning and it was another glorious day here in the Sonoran Desert. The vaccine site was at the University of Arizona, which isn’t far from my house. On my way home I had to pass by two of my favorite places to eat and drink so I decided to make the afternoon a pleasant one and hit both of them. There weren’t going to be any side effects for several hours so I went with the “better living through beer” approach that’s served me so well for so many years.


I had an absolutely delicious meal, some cold, tasty local brews, and didn’t care what might be coming in post-shot malaise the next day.

In fact, the next day I went to a brewery that’s half a mile from my house that I had inexplicably never been to before. I joined some friends there and also hung out with some strangers because we’ve got quite a superspreader YOLO vibe going on here in the Grand Canyon State. People are out everywhere really, really enjoying their lives.

There are always people cautioning about drinking alcohol with various medications. I’m an entertainer from the ’80s. My caution train left the station when Reagan was president. If I ever have a Food Network Show it’ll be about which booze pairs best with which medication.

Today’s signature libation on ‘The Kruiser Kocktail Hour’ is  Jameson and Tramadol.

This really isn’t about the booze, it’s about not letting this infernal plague get us down anymore. The COVID panic porn people are still out spreading their unholy gospel of misery and the only thing I’m sick of now is them. Anthony Fauci can kiss every part of my Polish-Irish-America a** now. And forever. I’m trying to combat the naysayers by encouraging people to enjoy life.

I hadn’t planned on it, but I turned the occasion of Pfizer Round Two into a social event and had a very relaxing weekend with a lot of unexpected laughs. That should be what the doctors are ordering.

Sunshine is good. Time with friends and family is good. Beer is good.

We need to let these manipulative, tyrannical jerks know that they are not welcome to spend another spring and summer trying to crush our spirits.

Let’s get out in America, America.

Na zdrowie!