Kruiser's 'Worst Week Ever'—The Great American Ammo Shortage Finally Hit My Beloved Arizona

(Image: mintchipdesigns via Pixabay)

It has come to this my friends: I’m being forced into the world of online ammunition shopping.


Many of you are no doubt reacting to that with a bit of mockery. Don’t a lot — if not most — gun owners buy their ammo online here in the good ol’ 21st century? I don’t know, because I haven’t really had to until now.

Three years ago this week I moved back to my native Arizona after spending most of the previous quarter century in Los Angeles. When I first moved to California, the gun laws weren’t so bad. Then again, when you’re from Arizona, gun laws almost everywhere seem draconian. By the time I fled the Golden State the gun grabbers were in charge and it was getting ugly. The gun freedom here in Arizona was even sweeter against that backdrop.

One of the greatest aspects of that freedom was the ease with which I could purchase ammunition. I would go to Walmart once a month for household cleaning supplies and toiletries. While there I’d pick up some range and home defense ammo. Then Walmart decided to stop selling handgun ammo and there went that ritual.

Not a big problem though, as the ACE Hardware near my house carries it. Sure, the selection isn’t quite what Walmart’s was, but the store is locally owned and it’s close enough that I can check frequently. The store also sells some pretty good pickles. My inner Pole can’t resist that.

Throughout the past year I’d keep checking to see if they had what I needed. If they didn’t, there would at least be some shotgun shells I could purchase to make me feel a bit better.

Now they’re out of even those.

Panic time.

OK, not quite yet. I’m not exactly low on ammo here in the Kruiser Bunker. Still, there’s never really enough.

The day last week that I called and found this out some of my colleagues just happened to be having a conversation on Slack about buying ammo. My buddy Jeff Reynolds suggested a site called, which searches online ammo retailers for the caliber you need. I’d also had Palmetto State Armory recommended to me before and decided to give that a try. I’ve got my first shipment from them arriving next week.

What’s weird about the newness of online ammo shopping to me is that I do almost ALL of my shopping online. I rarely even go to grocery stores anymore. I really did enjoying buying this particular product locally, though.

I’ve mentioned both of these sites to several of my friends who have been complaining about not being able to find ammo. Almost every one of them has responded by asking if the prices were good.

I laughed and laughed.

One doesn’t need an economics degree to understand that when demand far exceeds supply you’re not in a buyer’s market.

Obviously, the reason that we’re facing this shortage is that the bat flu plague, combined with the puppet Democrat in the White House, has led to record gun sales. That will probably only get slowed down by a lack of inventory.

Some have suggested I get into reloading, but I know my limitations. I don’t have the patience to not screw that up.

And I enjoy helping the American economy.

I’ll keep checking ACE Hardware.

If they run out of those pickles, too, I’m gonna be moody.


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