The Kruiser Kabana Episode 69: I Hate the Fall and Granny Boxwine Is Drunk


This is just getting weirder by the day.

While we’re all busy talking and writing about the fact that Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep has abandoned his native tongue to become completely fluent in Gibberish, Nancy Pelosi has been showing up to interviews drunker than a weird Irish uncle on St. Patrick’s Day. No hate mail, I’m half Irish. Heck, I’m probably the weird Irish uncle at this point.

Look at Granny Boxwine’s appearance with George Stephanopoulos from this past Sunday:

Good morning to you too, creepy lady who doesn’t know where she is.

Seriously, what in the hell was that? This babbling idiot is two heartbeats away from the presidency. Thank God Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both healthy.

Also, it’s the first day of fall, which is a season I hate. Satan drinks pumpkin spice chai lattes.

All day, every day.

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