How to Break It to Your Liberal Friends That COVID-19 Is Not Going Away

AP Photo/Steven Senne

With cable news doctors and the members of our health bureaucracy still talking about “defeating” COVID-19, many Americans seem to believe we can eradicate SARS-CoV-2. No serious scientist believes that. Many of you have seen the viral video of a doctor in Indiana speaking to the Mount Vernon school board. It has been banned from YouTube and is labeled as misinformation on Facebook because Politifact rated one sentence in more than six minutes, “Pants on Fire.”

The one sentence Politifact objected to was Dr. Daniel Stock alluding to the current portfolio of vaccines causing a condition called antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE. This condition occurs when vaccine-induced binding antibodies facilitate an infection after a vaccinated individual contracts the target virus. A recent observed case occurred in children who received a vaccine for dengue fever in the Philippines.

Dengue is often mild the first time a person contracts it. It causes a more significant illness with subsequent infections. When children who never had the virus contracted it after being vaccinated, they suffered from severe illness due to ADE. It was determined that no one who had not suffered from a confirmed case of dengue should be vaccinated. Researchers have observed similar phenomena in animals vaccinated for coronaviruses and animal models for vaccines for the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and SARS-CoV-1.

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The SARS-CoV-2 vaccines also produce a high level of binding antibodies to the spike protein of the virus. The natural infection stimulates binding and neutralizing antibodies to the spike and the nucleocapsid. The nucleocapsid is the ball all the spikes protrude from in the images of the virus.

“Pants on Fire” is probably an overstatement. While Politifact is correct and no one has confirmed ADE with the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Stock is not the first to express concern. Dr. Robert Malone, a developer of mRNA technology, has expressed similar concerns. No vaccine developer tested for the phenomenon in development. Not confirmed is a better assessment.

However, the rest of the six minutes is full of entirely valid information. Everything Dr. Stock said about masks is accurate. Particularly regarding cloth and surgical masks that people wear for long periods. As a registered nurse, I never wore a mask or eye shield to protect me from a respiratory virus. I wore them to prevent blood and body fluids from contacting my mucous membranes. It is the same reason surgeons wear them.

To minimize the transmission of aerosolized respiratory viruses, hospitals use negative pressure, positive pressure, and air filtration in operating rooms and patient care rooms. No surgeon, nurse, or patient care tech wears the same mask for hours at a time or days. They are discarded between patients when they are required. Cloth masks are useless against an aerosolized respiratory virus. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a doctor, made similar assertions and was also banned from YouTube. These bans are scientism, not science.

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Perhaps the most salient point Dr. Stock made was that SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay. Smallpox is the only disease that has ever been “eradicated.” It took a global effort and 13 years, beginning in 1967. In 1980, public health agencies declared a success after an estimated 3,000-year circulation:

Almost two centuries after Jenner hoped that vaccination could annihilate smallpox, the 33rd World Health Assembly declared the world free of this disease on May 8, 1980. Many people consider smallpox eradication to be the biggest achievement in international public health.

There were no known animal reservoirs for smallpox. Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, do not share that characteristic. Researchers isolated  SARS-CoV-1 in horseshoe bats and masked palm civets. They found MERS was endemic in dromedary camels, the animal responsible for the spillover into humans. Bats and alpacas also carried MERS. Other human coronaviruses that cause the common cold are known to reside in domestic and wild animals.

Now COVID-19 antibodies have been confirmed in Bambi. The USDA found antibodies in 1/3 of the deer studied in Pennsylvania. In Michigan, 67% of the white-tail deer have tested positive for antibodies. The virus does not appear to make the animals ill, but they can carry it. Studies found a high percentage of household pets had antibodies in homes where humans tested positive for COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay.

Everyone in charge knows this, including Dr. Anthony Fauci. They know that natural immunity is a thing, and the last pandemic influenza virus, H1N1, still circulates. With a new virus, the vulnerable have a hard time. Instead of thanking God that SARS-CoV-2 does not kill children and healthy people under 50 in large numbers, they have adopted a zero-infections stance. This narrative is political and insane.

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Eighteen months of panic porn and a “defeat COVID-19” narrative have caused derangement in a population segment that expects the government to keep them safe. No one can keep you safe from an aerosolized respiratory virus with animal reservoirs. The first mitigation strategy was to “flatten the curve” in the spring of 2020. What they did not tell you was the area under the curve would not change.

The vaccines seem to have changed the area curve by disconnecting symptomatic illness with COVID-19 from death for most Americans for now. We should celebrate this achievement. Instead, the CDC, NIH, and cable TV doctors want to put masks on everyone over two and talk about lockdowns. They know better, and a little bit of curiosity would let most Americans know this is insane.

The “experts” all know COVID-19 is not going to disappear from the healthcare landscape. The focus now should be disconnecting symptomatic illness from hospitalization. The outpatient treatment protocols from the CDC and NIH have been thin to date, and it is the point they need to focus on. It is up to us to inform our liberal and terrified friends in real life. Break it to them gently.