Fly the Flag Proudly: The Left Is Not Winning This Fourth of July

Fly the Flag Proudly: The Left Is Not Winning This Fourth of July
American flag on the New York Stock Exchange (AP Photo/Peter Morgan, File)

Yesterday in one of the groups I belong to, someone posted a funny meme that went something like this: “I’m all ready for the Fourth. I have hamburgers, hotdogs, and an impending sense of dread that the end of the republic is at hand.”


Uh… Yes. It’s a weird Fourth. I’m not going to deny that part. But the end of the republic? No. And sure, I can see you in my mind, crossing your arms and looking skeptically at me. And I understand why you feel the way you do. I’ve had my moments of dread. But the thing is, you’re actually looking at the whole thing upside down. You’re seeing the movie backward, so to put it.

And yes, I am serious. Remember I’m a pessimist. A depressive and a pessimist. What that means it that I’ve developed a skill most people not so afflicted never had to develop: the ability – nay, the necessity – to continuously reality-check my gut feelings. Because if I didn’t continuously reality-check, I’d be impossible to live with… and probably dead.

So, let’s talk about this.

Sure, today is probably the weirdest Fourth of July I’ll celebrate since I became a citizen in 1988. (The weirdest one before that would be 1986, when I was in Portugal over the Fourth and my dad bought me a bunch of fireworks to set off because I was so homesick.)

Fourth of July celebrations are canceled across this great land because, after all, the media and the self-proclaimed elites assure us, celebrating the Founding of the nation whose liberties and prosperity we enjoy is white supremacism and a put down to every other race and nation ever. Okay, in Colorado they are using the excuse that there’s “fire danger” even though we’re having one of our rare wet springs and I mowed mushrooms in the lawn today.

And sure, college-indoctrinated, virtue-signaling morons are running around this great land destroying statues, including apparently an elk fountain, because as we all know those elks are racist, sexist, and homophobic or something. (The insanity is worldwide, by the way, since someone tagged the Copenhagen Little Mermaid with “racist fish.” Whatever the heck that means. Perhaps a distaste for carp.)


But take a deep, cleansing breath: that is not the end of the world.

The morons are doing what young and indoctrinated people do. Their plight is exacerbated by the fact that the nation is wealthy enough none of them have ever had any contact with reality. It’s not so much they don’t know where the money comes from. They don’t know where food comes from. The fact that their parents raised them on a toxic brew of sixties mythos doesn’t help either.

Trump Eviscerates the ‘Web of Lies’ Behind the ‘Angry Mob,’ Defends Mount Rushmore for Fourth of July

But consider: How many of them are there?

I mean, all in all, there can’t be even a hundred thousand in a country of 350 million, in which at least half the people were subjected to some form of the same indoctrination.

Look, let’s be honest, if Marxist indoctrination were cold-call sales, the company would have gone bankrupt. As is, it’s going bankrupt, but slowly, painfully, and disgustingly exposed: in public.

What am I talking about?

Well, pardon me if I’m repeating things you know, but I’ve found that many Americans never heard this. What we’re suffering through is the result of the long-dead (but apparently still twitching) USSR’s plan to conquer the world.

They sucked at everything, from producing shoes that weren’t all size 2 and for the left foot, to being able to feed the citizens – and tourists — something besides turnips (seriously, my parents went on a tour, and they still can’t stand turnips). They were so completely incompetent that they feared typewriters and copyeditors.


But one thing they were really good at: Agit-prop. I.e. agitation and propaganda.

And they had a program to take over countries and get them to fall to them. Part of it was the “long march.”

Communists were supposed to pretend they weren’t communists, and get into key positions in key
industries. These included entertainment, communications, and education.

They did amazingly at that.

From reading biographies of publishers and others, I give full credence to Robert A. Heinlein’s claim that the Democrats had been taken over by communists by the forties.

But, you’ll say, none of them said the things we’re hearing now!

Kind of. They kind of didn’t say them. However, if you’ve studied Marxism, you can see the poison pills in all sorts of books and movies from the fifties on. And honestly, it was pretty clear by the eighties that the way to virtue signal as a good person in most intellectual or influential circles was to pretend that the U.S. and the USSR were morally equivalent and, frankly, that the USSR had the moral high ground, to an extent.

Unless Our Intended Destination Is Venezuela, It’s Time to Open Everything and Get Back to Work

Crazy stuff about the inferiority of doing things “for money” or “in pursuit of the almighty dollar” and the “care” the communists had for the workers is everywhere if you look.

So what am I saying?

Remember all those Fourths of July of the past? The poison was already there. The left and the
intellectual and financial “elites” already hated everything about America. And the educational “elites” were already undermining our children’s belief in our country.


So what is the difference?

Well, they weren’t out in front of everyone breaking statues and calling for the abolishing of the anthem, the flag and the Fourth of July.

Which means we’re in better shape than we were back then, not worse.

Look, it’s like this: back then the subversion was subtle, easy to deny. If you accused them of actually believing insanity like that the U.S. invented slavery, or that the U.S. is uniquely racist, or that the Founding was a mistake, or… They would look at you like you were crazy and deny it, and you were left trying to defend analyzing the details of their work.

Now? Now they’re saying the indefensible in public.

And before you say, “But that’s because they won,” let me point out that no ideology that has won a battle of ideas is out there screaming that they’re going to stab people in the face; or demanding that police be abolished; or even breaking elk statues.

Sure, this bears some resemblance to the Chinese Cultural Revolution, from a distance. A very long distance.

Vandals Splash Red Paint on George Washington. Trump Goes After the Vandals, NYT Goes After the Statue

Except that if they had won at that level, you’d already be in a camp, and you definitely wouldn’t be reading this post.

What you’re seeing is the acting out of cultists, disappointed because their prophecy isn’t playing out the way they were promised it would.

What you’re seeing is people who can’t process how their taking over of the institutions didn’t guarantee them success.


Part of it is the internet and the fact that – no matter how the cultural revolutionaries try to control the narrative – people get around them and can express contrary opinions. Part of it is simply that they’re very bad at running any institutions. So, they can take over, but then what they do makes the institution less and less influential.

Because ideology overrides all for them, including making whatever the institution is popular and successful.

In fact, since their surprise defeat in 2016, every gambit they tried has turned around and bit them where their pants are tightest. I’m not even talking about their conspiracy theories and endless impeachment attempts, which achieved only making the media even less trusted. I’m talking about, oh, #metoo, which predictably ensnared a lot of leftist males. I’m talking about their cancel campaigns which just expose how insane and arbitrary they are. I’m talking about their passion for lockdown, which might destroy “experts” as authorities for the foreseeable future. And, yes, the riots to nowhere, over a crime which was being punished before they started protesting.

All of it, every further step they take, is not only making them seem more like loons but also making their controlled institutions, from the media to education, from news to entertainment, less powerful.

In their zeal to destroy Orangemanbad, they’re committing seppuku with a blunt butter knife.

“But Sarah, isn’t this a problem when they’re our elites?”

We Risk Killing Civilization in Our Panicked Fear of Individual Death

Well, they’re our elites in their own mind. In fact, they are our idle rich. The fact that they hate everything about our country wouldn’t be a surprise to the founders, either. They knew about corrupt upper classes. Hopefully this time the tree of liberty doesn’t have to be watered, and we can take back the culture without a butcher’s bill.

This is actually likely. If you read about the elites of their time, you’ll find they were a lot more competent than our deluded cultists.

So, be not afraid. Sure, there are going to be rough patches. I’m not even saying they won’t manage to fraud their way into power in November. And if they don’t, then they’re really going to fight like cornered rats. Cornered rats on fire, in a dumpster that’s also on fire.

But in the end, they’re exposed for what they are.

And in the sunlight, they can’t survive.

Communism sounds good only if one doesn’t know what it is, and its long and blood-soaked history. While the principles the founders bequeathed us, though imperfectly followed throughout, created the best, most equitable, and prosperous nation the world has ever seen.

This is not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. Heck, I doubt it’s the end of the beginning. There might be dim times ahead, but their insanity is not a sign of victory. It’s a sign of fear.

Today, celebrate the Founding of our nation, and fly the flag.

The left reacts to the flag like vampires to the cross, so fly it. Fly it high, fly it proud.

America and its ideals will live on, long after the current crop of loonies has been consigned to the trash heap of history.


In the end, we win, they lose.

Go forth and be American. (The left hates that too.)

You are what generations past would have envied and generations yet unborn will look out in awe: a free human in the land of the free and the brave.

So might it ever be.

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