Your Job From Now on Is to Stay Silent and Follow Orders


Attention all of you to the right of Fidel Castro, you 74 million Trump-voter insurgents and domestic terrorists: Silence! Your false information, fake news, and conspiracy theories are now officially designated “hate speech.” For the good of the country, you must be silenced; if you speak, you must be punished. MSNBC is recommending government drone strikes on you, so you had better be quiet. 

Big Tech and the Mainstream Media newspapers, tv networks, and cable channels are working for your country by suppressing your “far-right” misinformation and conspiracy theories. And it is working for you by not allowing your hate speech to see the light of day or screen, and thereby protecting you from incriminating yourself. Otherwise, measures would have to be taken against you. Social justice mobs, I mean “people’s juries,” might have to show up at your home or place of work in order to peacefully demonstrate through breaking windows, spray-painting slogans, throwing Molotov cocktails, or otherwise burning the place down, and/or looting where appropriate. Online campaigns would have to be mobilized to berate your wife and children, scare your employer into firing you, and label you as, you know, a “racist,” “white nationalist,” and “male supremacist,” as well as a “transphobe” and “Islamophobe.” 

“Free speech” is the irresponsible policy of dead white slave owners, so no good can come from it. That so-called “First Amendment” that “far-rightists” and “free-speech absolutists” keep mentioning is a dead letter, thank goodness. We, the woke enlightened, know that wrong speech is violence and must be suppressed, by violence if necessary. Woke university students have become experts at meeting “speech violence” with physical violence, showing those “white nationalist” Republicans, classic liberals, and libertarians that their “speech violence” won’t be tolerated. 

Do not dare to say anything unflattering about the Democrat Party or Democrat candidates. Now that Big Tech, Big Media, Big Finance, and Big Education all have unified with the Democrat National Committee, any words contrary to their interests are forbidden. The dastardly reporters exposing the dirty deeds of the Biden crime family violated these injunctions, as did those citizens who tried to share the information, and had to be silenced by Big Tech and ignored by Big Media. The Deep State pitched in through a letter from fifty high-level retired security officers, proclaiming that the news about Biden influence-peddling was just Russian disinformation. This ignored the fact that federal investigations of Biden family members were in process. So voters never got to hear the ugly detail about billions flowing from America’s greatest adversary into Biden pockets, and Biden was (perhaps) elected. 

Nor can anything unflattering be said about the Democrat Party militia of Black Lives Matter and antifa. We must appreciate their “peaceful protests” for racial justice that featured rioting, looting, arson, attacks on police, assault, and murder. Never under any circumstances say “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter,” for these are racist statements and you are exposing yourselves as extremists. “Inclusion,” famous among the three principles of justice, “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” means only “black lives matter.” What does not matter is that most blacks who lose their lives through violence lose them to black criminals, and it is racist hate speech to mention black-on-black crime. It is racist to object to defunding the police, although most black Americans do not want to defund the police and want to avoid the consequent spike in violence. 

Saying that whites are privileged, racist, and fragile, that whiteness is a corrupting influence that leads to politeness, promptness, diligence, and postponement of gratification, that the entire society is characterized by “systemic racism” in which whites oppress and exploit blacks, and that “white lives do not matter” is not hate speech, but the “true” findings of critical racism, I mean critical race theory. But saying that you prefer “color-blind” recruitment for universities and jobs is racist hate speech, as is advocating merit rather than race-based recruitment and reward. Only white supremacists want color-blind and merit-based treatment. 

Do not mention those sexist terms “mother and father,” “sister and brother,” and “son and daughter,” because recognizing differences means sexist discrimination. Nancy Pelosi changed House Rules to exclude these “sexist” terms, to “cancel” American kinship terminology, and to deny differences between males and females. So mind your tongue! Never mind that males and females are genetically, physiologically, neurologically, and psychologically different, the Democrat “party of science” denies the best known biological human difference. Continuing in the denial of science, President Biden has made a royal proclamation claiming that men can be women and that women can be men, and that they must, by law, be treated as such! The Democrats have joined the non-binary sex crowd, demanding that the 0.00001% of sexual anomalies be regarded as definitive of sex, and that everyone must bow to the tiny minority of people who imagine themselves to be the sex other than that that their genetics dictate. So you had better call people by whatever label they imagine themselves to be, and only use the pronouns that they demand, otherwise it will be a fine or jail time for you. If you object to boys who say they are girls dominating female sports, do not say so out loud, or be prepared to be banned from social media and probably fired for “transphobic” hate speech. 

Happily, not all assertions about sex are hate speech. Saying that men are “toxic” and that “the future is female” is not hate speech, but justified progressive feminism. In contrast, saying that we should not let boys be left behind and that men should have equal opportunity as women is hate speech and violence against women, and would be punished severely, with maximal cancellation.

Above all, any assertion that America is good is hate speech. Referring to the “American dream” or “the land of opportunity,” or “the home of the free and the brave” is, among any other positive reference, outlawed. The University of Colorado’s “Inclusive Language Guide” urges that “America” and “American” no longer be used because “this erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.” It would perhaps be more inclusive to call the U.S. “Northern Mexico” or “Southern Canada.” What is clear is that referring to “America” is hate speech for which you will be canceled. 

The Guide has many other helpful suggestions: Of course, do not say “he or she,” because “these terms imply that gender is binary (i.e. either man or woman) and does not acknowledge that people may identify anywhere along the gender spectrum and/or their biological sex may not match their gender identity.” “Hispanic” is also out, because “It is problematic because of its origins in colonialization” among other things. Rather, use “Latinx, Latine, Latino” instead, although according to WikipediaA 2020 Pew Research Center survey found that … The preferred term both among Hispanics who have heard the term [Latinx] and among those who haven’t was Hispanic, garnering 50% and 64% respectively.[2] Latino was second in preference with 31% and 29% respectively.[2] Only 3% self identified as Latinx in that survey.” 

“Illegal alien/immigrant” is also rejected on the specious grounds that “saying that a person is “illegal” dehumanizes them and implies that they are a “criminal,” while it in fact simply indicates legal status. The Guide suggests “immigrant,” erasing the difference between legal and illegal immigration, or “undocumented,” implying that they have lost their papers somewhere. Perhaps the Guide would prefer to refer to them as “proto-citizens” or “true Americans,” oops, I mean “true Northern Mexicans.” “Male/female” is rejected, because “we very rarely need to identify or know a person’s biological sex and more often are referring to gender.” Preferred terms are “Gender Non-Binary / Gender Non-Conforming.”

Universities, which used to be centers of research, reason, and diversity of thought, are now the worst offenders in banning speech and suppressing diversity of opinion. Speech codes are common in universities, and speech is policed by “diversity and inclusion” officers who ensure than no one says the wrong things, or else! For those who offend, re-education courses are required. Freestanding re-education camps are not as yet in use, but given the enthusiasm with which our leaders are emulating Communist China, they may not be long coming. 

As the consolidation advances of a unified elite of government, big tech, big media, big finance, and big education, and American democracy transforms into American fascism, the calls for censorship and the silencing of critics abound. Through the control of information, division into opposing sex, race, and geographic classes, the suppression of opposition, and changes in the rules, the unified elite aims to change the two-party system into a one-party system. Divide and conquer has always been a favored strategy of despotic oligarchies. Your job from now on is to stay silent and follow orders. Welcome to the brave new North Mexico/South Canada world.