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Nobody Cares That Carly Fiorina Endorsed Sleepy Joe Biden

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Every day a new “Republican” comes out against President Trump and it’s not the bombshell Democrats always think it is. Today’s turncoat is ex-presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. She re-announced her endorsement on Fox News today.

I know what most of you are thinking. “Who?” But I assure you she ran for president and lost spectacularly. Republican voters rejected her because we saw through the sham. Fiorina is a John McCain Republican and nobody wants that. This guy’s reaction to Fiorina’s endorsement of Biden is exactly what was running through my head when I saw the news. Check it out.

There is no excuse for Republicans to vote for pro-abortion, pro-riot, pro-open-borders Joe. None. Sit it out if you feel you have to because of Trump’s demeanor and mean tweets, or vote for the Libertarian, but abandoning all your so-called principles to support the guy in favor of baby-killing and higher taxes and taking your guns is insane.

If you’re doing this, you were never a Republican to begin with.

Fiorina declared that her support for Biden is based on his “empathy.” Really? How’s that empathy helping full-term babies whose mothers want to kill them, Carly? How’s that empathy working for black families who want their children to get out of failing schools when Biden and the Democrats want to keep them stuck there and deny them school choice? How is that empathy working out for working-class people whose livelihoods were destroyed by lockdowns Biden and the Democrats want to extend forever? Give me a $#%@ing break.

Don’t forget that she wanted Trump impeached. It is not news that Fiorina hates the bad orange man. CNN reported that she would vote for Joe Biden in June.


I’m glad she did this. Let’s get the rest of them on record right now. Who else can we throw in the trash bin of 2020? There’s still room.

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