If Legacy Media Doesn't Report Something, Did It Even Happen?

Townhall/Julio Rosas

There’s an old philosophical question that goes like this: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? The answers vary, but I believe the answer is no, because sound only manifests inside an ear. If there are no ears present to turn the vibrations into sound, how could there be anything but vibrations?

The same applies to what happens in the news business. Conservative media has long been the only alternative for people who don’t want their news filtered through a Democrat lens. But if we break a story, even a huge one as the Federalist has done with publishing the new FBI texts that show the attempted coup to remove President Trump went all the way to Obama himself, and the legacy media doesn’t cover it, it may as well have never happened.

Scott Adams pointed this out in his Periscope broadcast on Friday. I suggest watching the whole thing but if you want to hear his comments on this topic they start at the 12:00 mark. “There’s never been a bigger story than this,” he says. “Watergate was a peanut compared to this.”

But Adams spotted the biggest problem pretty quick. “This is…the biggest story of all time. Let’s look at the CNN homepage and see how they’re covering the biggest story in the history of the United States.”

(Checks phone) “Nothing.”

This is a dilemma that we in conservative media have long dealt with. It’s maddening. But at least a few years ago we had Matt Drudge. If Drudge headlined a breaking story out of conservative news, the mainstream press was forced to cover it. In fact, had he not broken the Monica Lewinsky tapes, they might never have come out, even though big networks knew about the story.

Now that Drudge has joined the dark side and rarely — if ever — links to conservative news anymore, nothing conservative news is writing is breaking through. Pair the Drudge betrayal with the Big Tech censorship and shadowbanning and you have a recipe for a total blackout. It’s an aggressive and sustained campaign of silence to keep the truth from the American people.

Right now, the Drudge Report should be headlining and highlighting the Obama link to the coup attempt and the Senate report linking Hunter Biden to massive pay-offs from Russian officials and even sex trafficking with big red flashing sirens. But there’s nothing. Nada. Zip. What this means is, try again another day, no one will believe you on this one, suckers! Even if we had a videotape of Obama plotting the coup attempt but it didn’t get covered by one of the major networks it would be as if it did not exist at all.

How do we overcome this massive media shut out? Talking with people who refuse to believe conservative news is accurate is like talking to a brick wall. If it hasn’t been on NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN, they won’t believe it even if you can show them the printed evidence from the FOIA request you got from the blasted FBI!

The media is the enemy of the people because they refuse to inform the people of anything that runs contrary to their preferred narrative. How can we hope for a united country if this continues? We all know the left’s narrative because it is shoved down our throats through not only the news that is everywhere but through pop culture, education, even the dang libraries push the far-left agenda on us. There’s no escaping it. But if you want another point of view you have to go digging around through rabbit holes and Big Tech blockades to find it. That always leaves us preaching to the choir. It’s a miracle Trump won in 2016 and it’s not an insignificant thing that he had Drudge on his side. Drudge has forsaken us. We’re on our own this year.

There must be a way to break through the programming and the only solution I can see is to make Congress stop social media from silencing and censoring and banning conservative voices. We wouldn’t need the big networks if social media wasn’t an arm of the Democrat Party. But then we have people in the Republican Party who fight regulation of these monstrous companies because “muh principles.” They’re actually in favor of voting no to putting up roadblocks to their extermination from the public sphere. Well, I hope they can survive on their principles when they’re living under totalitarian mob rule.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Because this is getting worse by the day and not better. The general public has no idea that Barack Obama ordered a coup attempt. How is this possible?

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