The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 31: America is About to Get Loomered

This week on “The Fringe” I interview my favorite candidate for Congress...evah’. It is often said of Trump that his status as a “fighter” for the American people is his best quality. Sometimes you need a leader who scraps. Like the president, Laura Loomer is a fighter. She will never back down. Her long history of investigative guerilla journalism has tested her will and found her worthy of a higher office where she can put her energy into changing what is so wrong in Washington that she’s been exposing for years.

She’s been through the fire and has come out stronger. Loomer is the most banned and slandered woman in America and still managed to win her primary as the underdog in Florida’s 21st district. She is running now against Lois Frankle, a Nancy Pelosi acolyte and fellow swamp-dweller. Join me on the program as I chat with Laura Loomer, Florida’s Republican candidate for Congress in the 21st district.