The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 30: Foster Care Nightmare—Juana's Story

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The corruption and ineptitude of child welfare services across this nation are a scourge on our country. I have reported these stories for years without ever getting the attention of any major law enforcement agency, but that injustice may be coming to an end. The U.S. Marshals Service has taken on the mission of rescuing missing and exploited children and they have exposed the filthy truth about our foster care system: children sold into sex-trafficking are overwhelmingly coming from foster care.

On this week’s free episode, a survivor of the American foster care system, Juana, tells her story of being shuffled through 82 foster homes and suffering serious sexual abuse in many of them. The content of this show is intense with descriptions of extreme sexual and physical abuse. Please be careful about listening to this around young ears. If any of you know any Illinois attorneys (or are an Illinois attorney) who can help Juana recover her records from DCFS, please reach out to me at [email protected] This kind of negligence and the cover-up of crimes against children must not be allowed to remain in the dark.