Antifa Wants Guns After Rittenhouse Verdict. I Say Have at It

Antifa Wants Guns After Rittenhouse Verdict. I Say Have at It
AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Antifa and BLM typically throw their tantrums in liberal hellholes, or where guns aren’t easily allowed, like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City.

Kenosha, Wisc., was a different story. When Antifa and BLM went to Kenosha to riot against the police shooting of an armed black sexual predator named Jacob Blake, they were probably thinking they could play by their usual rules: burn and loot with near impunity, and attack whomever they want. Kyle Rittenhouse changed those rules.

Wisconsin is a pretty gun-friendly state. Yes, the 17-year-old Rittenhouse had the absolute legal right to possess that big, scary AR-15, which I hope the cops have returned to its owner by now, considering they gave an Antifa skank his ax back after attacking a GOP senator’s doorway.

Antifa watched in horror as the juror read the verdict we were all expecting: not guilty on all counts. Most of us were shocked the case was even brought to trial, considering that the mob’s attack on Rittenhouse was caught on video. We can thank the Soros-back DA in Kenosha for that debacle.

Antifa appears to have their fishnets in a bundle now. The spoiled brats are spit-screaming because they can no longer physically attack people and go home to mommy’s basement without a scratch. The Marxists aren’t the only people looking to get a gun.

FACT-O-RAMA! 2021 is expected to be the 2nd-highest year for gun sales in U.S. history. The record was set in 2020 when Antifa and BLM began scorching our nation.

Now that the Antifa creatures know the game has changed, they are wetting their non-binary underoos. Andy Ngo, who is arguably the best-informed journalist when it comes to Antifa, sent this out last week.

Antifa wants to arm up, but being pinko leftists, they don’t know which end to point the gun. Many conservatives, myself included, grew up with guns. We were taught that guns aren’t evil but people can be. We were taught to respect guns and use them only as a last resort in self-defense.

I was given my first gun, a bolt-action .410 from Montgomery Ward, when I was 10 years old. A neighborhood woman had been attacked at night. Her husband and my dad were working midnights at the time.

Today, I have a concealed carry permit (CCP) and I recommend that others get them as well. As you just read, Antifa wants them too.

Here is where the chuckle-fest begins. None of the three Antifa skanks ventilated by Rittenhouse would likely have been able to legally purchase a gun.

Joseph Rosenbaum, the convicted child rapist and the worst of the three people shot by Rittenhouse, was the first to attack Rittenhouse and the first to regret it. As a convicted felon, Rosenbaum would never be approved to purchase a firearm and would never be issued a CCP. Those on the left who are constantly whining about “tougher gun laws” needs to realize there are laws that prohibit the sale of a gun to a trash can like Rosenbaum, who was convicted of sexually abusing little boys.

Anthony Huber was the second felon to attack Rittenhouse. Huber clubbed Rittenhouse with a skateboard and moments later Kyle reunited him with Rosenbaum.

Huber’s obituary says he was a funny guy, but it fails to mention he is a convicted felon. He was nailed for domestic abuse and went to prison for choking his own brother. He has a list of arrests for violent behavior, including the use of a deadly weapon. Gun laws would prohibit Huber from legally buying a gun, much less being issued a CCP.

Gaige Grosskreutz should be in jail. On the night Rittenhouse divorced Grosskreutz from his right bicep, he was carrying an illegally concealed pistol. He has a long arrest record that includes some charges being expunged. Was his gun legally purchased?

Here is a video of Grosskreutz getting nailed for the first of his two DUIs, at least one of which was dismissed.

Grosskreutz testified that he had a CCP but that it had expired. The commie ADA Binger hasn’t charged Grosskreutz. Why? Awww come on, we know why: commies protect commies, you silly goose.

If the real ladies of Antifa want to buy guns, I say let them, if they can even legally do so. I support the Second Amendment for all Americans. That said, I don’t know how many could actually pass the NICS background check. Even if they do, I’ll take five Rittenhouses, people who grew up with and know about guns (I saw Rittenhouse on Tucker Carlson’s show discussing his gun’s ejection port—the man knows about guns), over 15 mascara-wearing Antifa soy-bois.

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Check here for concealed carry laws in your state. Arm up—while you can. You know President Stinkybottom can come down on the Second Amendment at any time.

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